Who Plays Hagrid In Harry Potter: Actor Who Played Hagrid, His Role And Interesting Facts About Harry Potter’s Hagrid

The last film from the Harry Potter saga was released on movie screens in 2011, but millions of children and adults around the world still keep memories of the boy wizard and his friends in their hearts. Everyone who has watched these tapes will definitely recognize Potter himself, his closest friends, the disgusting, main villain, and, of course, the charming giant Hagrid.

Who Plays Hagrid In Harry Potter?

who plays hagrid in harry potter

Robert Coltrane is a man of many talents. For the first time, a man appeared on the television screen in 1981, playing in a comedy British television series. At first glance, it seems that Coltrane cannot be an actor in any way. In fact, Robert is an extremely talented comedian!

All the viewers, without exception, like the actor of Hagrid. The image itself was already extremely popular among Harry Potter fans, and the talented British actor who played Hagrid managed to perfectly convey all the qualities of a healthy forester!

Many viewers fell in love with Coltrane precisely for the role of Hagrid in the Harry Potter film series. Both the film and the books have become iconic. The unusual appearance of the actor perfectly fits into the framework of the appearance of such a textured character as a forester from Hogwarts.

Rubeus Hagrid Height

rubeus hagrid height

Hagrid Harry Potter is half-human, half-giant. Therefore, as it should be, he is about twice as tall as and at least five times thicker than an ordinary person is. On the head, there is shaggy, slightly curly, and seemingly very coarse black hair. The beard covers half of the face, also black and sticking out in different directions.

The eyes are kind and shiny, black. Hands can be compared to the lids of garbage cans in size, of course, and it is better to keep silent about the size of the legs, it was so huge.

Harry Potter Hagrid is a real forester and therefore is dressed in an animal fur coat in winter, and in summer in canvas trousers and dark-colored shirts. On his feet are leather boots, so that it is more convenient to prowl for animals in the forest.

How Did They Make Hagrid So Tall?

how did they make hagrid so tall

How they shot the Harry Potter big guy is interesting to many fans of the magical universe, which was invented by the British writer J. K. Rowling. The actor who played this role, Robbie Coltrane, did not have the same height as his character. Therefore, the creators of the film resorted to various tricks that allowed the actor to seem higher than in reality.

According to the description of J. K. Rowling, the big guy in Harry Potter, is half-giant, and has an impressive height exceeding 7′ 6″. However, the actor has a height of 6’ 1″. The production team in the first two films had neither the technical capabilities nor the means to create a giant using a CGI interface. For the full-length scenes, an understudy picked him up.

He became a rugby player, whose height was 6′ 11″. In addition, another trick that the decorators went to was that they made two houses. One was a normal size, and they were shooting an internal plan in it. However, the decorations of the second house were reduced so that Hagrid looked like a giant next to them.

Interesting Facts about Hagrid Harry Potter

Hagrid Was a Gryffindor

Although the fact that Hagrid studied at Gryffindor was never mentioned in the books, given his kindness, noble nature, and courage, we will not be surprised at all to learn that Hagrid was a Gryffindor.

Hagrid Is Resistant to Stun Spells

Most likely, due to the huge size and status of a half-giant, Hagrid is quite resistant to Stunning spells.

The Ministry of Magic staff never managed to stun Hagrid when they came for him on Umbridge’s orders. At the same time, they successfully stunned Fang and Professor McGonagall, who almost died from four stun spells thrown at her.

Hagrid Is Not Able to Summon a Bodily Patronus

Given the fact of Hagrid’s proximity to fantastic creatures; it will be a little surprising to learn that he is not able to summon a defender in the form of an animal. One day, J. Rowling was asked what Hagrid’s Patronus was. J. Rowling replied that since this spell is very complex, the forester did not know how to create a bodily Patronus. In addition, since Hagrid was expelled from Hogwarts, there is a possibility that he did not even have the opportunity to master the art of summoning a Patronus.

We believe that Rowling created an unusually kind character, whom everyone loved. Hagrid-a real friend, direct, honest, naive. His faith in people and attitude to his work inspire.

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