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How to Choose a Rattle Toy

rattle toys

Toy rattle – a toy that children usually have literally from birth; it accompanies him/her throughout their infancy. According to psychologists, this is one of the most important toys for the development of a baby.

Children’s rattles – a perfect toy for a little kid. The newborn calms down faster, trains the grasp reflex, develops tactile sensations, learns to focus on sounds and movements with its help.

From 0 to 3 months

During the first weeks of life a baby sees almost nothing, but sensory and sound perception work well, so the right toy will be very useful. For the newborn, it will be useful to buy plastic or wooden rattles, which are attached to the cradle, stroller, or car seat, and fabric toys – soft, light and non-traumatic. Psychologists recommend placing a pendant with a cute, smiling face or a beautiful pattern above the crib of a newborn in order to create a favorable emotional background. Give preference to bracelets that should be worn on the handle or ankle. Tickling bracelets help to develop motor skills and coordination of movements.

From 3 to 6 months

At this age, the baby learns to grab and hold items and begins to show interest in shape and color.

Many kids like plastic rattles rings. Items of different shapes, colors, and textures strung on one large ring make a noise when they collide and attract attention. This develops sensory perception, teaches to distinguish shades, and gives an initial idea of what the sound is.

It will be better to give the rattles equipped with a handle, which the child can grab, to the baby of 4 months old, when the appropriate skills have already been formed.

Fabric rattle-sock is put on the legs. There are noisy objects hidden inside the sock. They attract your baby’s attention every time he/she moves, and trying to reach the “noisy” legs improves coordination.

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