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How to Choose Toys for a Child


Which toys contribute most to the development of children? They can be classified by the following attributes:

Toys that strengthen fine motor skills

Certain toys develop the fine motor skills of the child: dexterity of fingers, the flexibility of the wrist. a baby should grab, hold or move objects while playing with them. For example, the child can build different constructions of cubes, collect puzzles or cut out figures from the paper.

Toys that develop the imagination

Toy cars and planes, dolls, toy dishes – all these things are the attributes of games that develop imagination. The simpler the toy is – the better; it gives the child more space for using his/her imagination. Each time when a kid plays, he/she can create new worlds and use his/her fantasy.

Toys that promote creativity

Children often like creative activities: drawing, sculpting. It works especially well when the child feels free to express himself/herself and is not afraid of critics. Offer your kid colored paper, scissors, pencils, paints, plasticine.

Toys that develop imaginative thinking and language skills

Board games and games with cards will help to teach a child simple mathematical actions, strategic thinking, develop social skills, and the ability to solve problems. It is also useful to read books with your child – it will increase his/her vocabulary and develop language skills.

Toys that contribute to physical development

Many toys do not help to stimulate the physical activity of a kid. Prolonged sitting position while playing can lead to health problems. Such toys provide little opportunity for the child to develop motor skills. So buy your child things that will stimulate physical activity: bicycles, balls, jump ropes, etc.

Finally, any toys should be used in order to develop social interaction. Do not forget that toys should be safe and appropriate to the age of the child and his/her level of development.

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