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How to Deal with Teenage Girls: Read the Following Article to Know All the Rules

Do you have problems with parenting and dealing with a teenage girl? Don’t worry about it! Read our article right now to know everything about teenage girls and growing them in the family!

We have prepared for you the list of the rules that you need to know about how to deal with teenage girls:

1. Recognize That the Girl Has Become an Adult

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Not to be confused with permissiveness: this is not limitless opportunities or increased rights. Gradually giving more freedom in something, you need to demand more responsibility – only in this way will the daughter learn to grow up, realizing that every independent step is followed by responsibility. Along with this, we must not forget about severity. Teenaged girls will not be in control of their own actions unless they have clear-cut external control. An important role is played by personal examples based on correct behavior and deliberate actions.

2. One Should Always Give Personal Space for Teenage Girls

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Striving for independence, she tries to prove to everyone around and to herself that she has matured: she closes the door to her room, secretly talks on the phone, etc. And although you are used to being aware of what is happening in her life, do not say: “Who were you talking to on the phone? What about? ” Or “What secrets do you have?” – this will only triple her desire not to tell you anything. If the daughter wants to share, then she will certainly do it. Just tell her that you are there and ready to talk.

3. Friends and Daughter’s Choice

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If you have a question: “how to deal with teenage girls” you need to know that the leading activity of adolescents is communication with peers, and choosing friends is a manifestation of independence. Give your daughter this right. You can not criticize the friends and girlfriends of teenage girls, but in the meantime, take an interest in how they live and what qualities your daughter appreciates.

If you don’t like someone, you need to ask questions that will help evaluate the person: “And often he does this, and how do others react?”, “I heard obscene expressions from him, are you comfortable with him when he swears? Who else doesn’t like it? ”,“ Your friend hates teachers, what happened? Are they really attacking her or is she being disrespectful? “

4. You Need to Talk to Teenage Girls about Your Love

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Many girls at this age feel very unprotected, as age-related changes bring with them some angularity and acne. And extra pounds, which were not paid attention to before, become a serious cause for embarrassment. Emphasize your dignity. You cannot criticize the appearance of teenage girls, even if the child really needs to lose weight, but instead, change the diet and make it a rule to walk together in the evenings, visit a beautician. Well, if you criticize, then do it unobtrusively, but reasonably, give examples – in a word, do not be an accuser.

And don’t try to get her to communicate with the ideal teenage girls in your opinion, in order to try to match them. If a daughter thinks that even her parents don’t like her, her self-esteem will plummet.

5. Allow Expressing Yourself through Fashion and Image

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This is an important aspect for teenage girls. At least once, let your daughter wear something you don’t approve of. If you force her to dress like a nun (in her view), then there is a great chance that she will change into something more provocative and daring as soon as she leaves the house. Help save up for a very desirable thing – it is necessary to have a “dream”, it adds confidence.

If teenage girls overstep the boundaries of decency in clothing, you need to calmly discuss the consequences and justify your ban in terms of safety and possible risks. But if the clothes, hairstyle, and makeup are acceptable, but you do not understand, since you have a different taste, then accept and let me experiment – it is possible that, through trial and error, she will return to the proven classic. Fashion magazines left in a prominent place will help to deal with the style – the girl will certainly take an interest and revise her wardrobe.

How to Deal with a Teenage Girl?

Your daughter is an individual

Revealing and developing individuality in a child is perhaps one of the most difficult activities. One more rule – always contribute to the development of the personality of teenage girls, but not try to break the personality.

Don’t Stop Teenage Girls from Pursuing the Goal That the Teenager Has Chosen

You can and should give your opinion if you do not like this goal or if you understand that it is a mistake. But it will be her mistake, and she will have to go through it herself, experience this experience, so that later she can move on, already a wiser person. And you, as a loving mother, will be there, support and help as much as you can.

So, How to Deal with Girls?

Build Your Common Traditions – You’ll Like This Tip

Nothing brings us closer together as traditions that have developed over the years. Create traditions that only you and your daughter will have. You can, for example, ski together every winter, go to the cinema once a month, go to the pool together once a week, or spend a day for yourself every March 8, visiting a beauty salon, going to the park, to nature, to see your grandmother on dacha. Find something that will interest both of you. Better yet, hold these traditions together with shared little secrets.

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