How to Form a Healthy Relationship with Sweets: 5 Rules

Avoid a strict ban on sweets

This method does not work because it only fuels the desire not just to try but to eat until your mother sees. Even if there is no sweets at home the child will take a handful of sweets on a visit from friends. And you will not have a chance to control the quality and quantity of such sweets.

Bring in variety

As soon as we find out that the child likes cutlets and potatoes or borscht, this dish becomes a “wand-wand”. You can cook for two or three days in advance and not think about the diet. That’s convenient! But even Mom’s favorite cutlets get eaten up. Sweet snacks give you a chance to diversify your tastes. So the baby takes a few cookies. Change more often, alternate porridge, soups, vegetable side dishes, salads.

Kids don’t eat breakfast very often

It is a great temptation to give them ready cottage cheese with a filler, sweet muffin waffle. But the feeling of satiety after such a meal goes away very quickly, the child will want to eat again. Guess what? Sweetie!

Do not comfort yourself with a dessert

When a child is upset about something, the easiest way to distract and calm him down is to give him a chocolate bar. Tears dry quickly. And the baby remembers that you have to eat candy when you’re not feeling well, and everything will get better. It can become a serious problem over time.

Follow the rules by yourself

If you eat a sweet bun before lunch and there is always a vase with sweets on the kitchen table, it makes no sense to tell your baby about the benefits of a balanced diet. He’ll repeat everything after adults. Try to follow the principle of the whole family. Eat sweet only at noon (and in reasonable quantities, of course). And it is better to replace a vase of candy with a vase of fruits.

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