Harry Potter Party – Making a Childhood Dream Come True! We Know How to Organize It!

How to have a Harry Potter party

Who in childhood did not dream of becoming a magician, and of a magic wand that would fulfill any wishes of its owner? The world of wizardry and magic is perfectly embodied in a Harry Potter-themed party. I invite you to immerse yourself in the inspiring atmosphere of the Harry Potter party.

1. Location of the magic party

potter party

You can arrange witchcraft transformations and secrets of the magical world in nature, and in a country house, a cozy children’s cafe, or even in a one-room apartment. It’s all about the right Harry Potter party planning.

2. How to invite guests in an extraordinary way?

harry potter party planning

It’s best to make DIY-themed invitation cards. You can issue them in the form of a ticket for the magic Hogwarts Express train, or in packages, in which it is notified that the guest is enrolled in the first year of the secret school, where he is actually invited. By the way, be sure to soak sheets of paper for invitations in coffee or bake them in the oven. This will turn them slightly yellow and have a vintage effect.

3. Meeting guests or a code word

how to have a harry potter party

Since this is a magical party in honor of Harry Potter, the meeting of guests should be according to all the rules of magic – this point needs to be taken into the Harry Potter party planner.

So, in the invitation, in addition to indicating the place and time of the holiday, the code word will be indicated – a pass to the party.

4. Interior decoration – how to turn an ordinary room into a magic one

Interior decoration

The most popular way to decorate the entrance to the world of magic is to walk through the imitation brick wall of the 9¾ King’s Cross train station (can be made from wallpaper).

On all walls and ceilings, you can decompose Harry Potter party items: decorative cobwebs, spiders on a string, scary bats. You can make polar owls out of white balloons filled with helium and place them under the ceiling. Hang the same candles on threads so that they dangle in an upright position and seem to maneuver in the air.

It is necessary to arrange magical Harry Potter party crafts on the shelves, shelves, tables: magic sweets with predictions, origami fortune tellers, parchment scrolls, decorative brooms, ancient candlesticks, a magic ball. multi-colored potion. A real witch’s broom will look perfect in the corner.

5. Dress code or a party of black robes

harry potter party items

You can warn about the dress code in advance or give each guest directly at the event, pre-prepared Harry Potter party crafts: robes, ties in the colors of different faculties, magic wands, hats, glasses.

6. Magic menu

harry potter party crafts

At a party for young wizards and magicians, food should also be magical. Of course, this does not mean that children will have to taste molecular cuisine. These will be dishes familiar to everyone but in themed design. I am sure that everyone will be delighted with the food, decorated in the form of all kinds of spiders, frogs, bats, brooms, “talking” letters and other unusual dishes. Serve only magic-colored potions as drinks.

Well, the main dish of the Potter party is, of course, a themed cake. There can be many attributes from the Harry Potter fairy tale: figures of characters or elements from the world of magic. By the way, these figures can be presented as Harry Potter party gifts.

7. Entertainment program or how to get the philosopher’s stone

harry potter party planner

The main feature of any party is fun. And not simple, but in this case – magic! In your Harry Potter party planner, find a place for a quiz on knowledge of facts from books or films about Harry Potter, come up with magic tricks and tricks, play tabletop Quidditch, conduct some fascinating scientific experiments, break a piñata in the form of Voldemort, and even run a quest competition.

The quest is perhaps the most interesting and exciting competition, the main task of which will be to find, for example, the philosopher’s stone.

8. Any work must be rewarded

Harry Potter party prizes

During the contests, guests gain a certain number of points, which are summed up at the end of all games. The most active can receive Harry Potter party prizes: posters with Harry Potter, books, themed keychains, magnets. Everyone else gets incentive Harry Potter party prizes, snitches, for example, or chocolate galleons.

At the end of the Harry Potter Party, I recommend holding a joint thematic photo session, because beautiful thematic photos are the key to the success of any event.

And do not forget to give Harry Potter party gifts: certificates of graduation from the Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry to all guests.

Happy Party!

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