How to Make a Duct Tape Wallet? Read On and Find Out How To Make This Fun Craft

duct tape wallet directions

Making duct tape wallets is really not so hard once you have the right tools and the right directions. Follow here the instructions we give for your optimal result! Are you also getting bored with the same old craft? I find myself reusing the same activities for the kids, and I’m growing tired of finding places for their new creations!

This craft is great because they can use it right away and it is very practical. You can play with the colors as well, you don’t need to use plain old silver duct tape. You can order multiple different colors of tape from amazon, they have prints of cartoons or solid colors! You can make your multicolored to show the different parts, or one shade if you wish. I will say in advance that this craft can get a little fiddly! I recommend parent guidance as you try to stick your wallet together. Even I myself can get frustrated at how sticky and unpredictable duct tape can be!

Before you get started setting up your work and collect the things you will need. Here’s how to make a duct tape wallet the easy way!

What you will need

  • Duct tape (coloured, patterned or whatever you have in the house already)
  • Pair of scissors
  • A ruler
  • A utility knife
  • A cutting board or craft mat
  • Random credit card to find the right size
  • And patience!
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Here’s how to make duct tape wallets step by step

  1. Start by cutting four strips of duct tape, each one into 9 inches
  2. Layer your pieces sticky side up, with an overlap of about ½ an inch
  3. Now cut four more pieces that are also 9 inches
  4. Carefully place them on top of the other set, overlapping your layers again. Do this slowly to avoid creating any bubbles between your tape
  5. I recommend staggering your duct tape, so leave a gap at the top. This way all of your overlapping parts are not in the same spot. This will help its folding ability later on!
  6. Remember at this point, you can choose what colours you want for the inside and the outside of your wallet
  7. Now fold over your edges about ½ an inch. Do this part slowly to make it neat and tidy
  8. Next, use your utility knife to trim up the ends of your project. Your result should be 8.5 inches tall and 6 inches wide
  9. Now make your inner pocket by cutting 2 pieces of 5-inch duct tape
  10. Layer your pieces together as you did before sticky side up
  11. Now repeat this step exactly to place your next two pieces on top of the other two
  12. Again trim up your edges neat and tidy with your utility knife
  13. Your pocket should be approximately 4 inches wide

We hope these easy duct tape wallet instructions are helping, just a little more and you’re good to go! Remember you can always decorate as you go to your liking! You can add some favorite stickers or even sparkles if you like. Or search Pinterest for some cool duct tape wallet designs!

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Alright! Back to the duct tape wallet directions! Just a little more

  1. Now make 2 smaller credit card sized pockets
  2. Cut 2 pieces of 9-inch duct tape and stick them back to back
  3. Now cut this in half, and trim to make your pieces 4 inches each
  4. Next cut a strip of duct tape and cut it in half down the middle length-wise. Fold this thin piece around the edge of these little pockets. Trim off the excess
  5. Now lay your three pockets on top of each other. The biggest one will be on the bottom
  6. Tear again a tin piece of duct tape lengthwise, and secure your pockets together
  7. Now attach your pockets to your main piece with a 9-inch piece of duct tape. Your outside colour should be facing up
  8. Now take the whole thing and fold it in half, and secure the sides with a trim of duct tape
  9. Trim the excess
  10. Add just one more strip of trim onto the bottom of your wallet and there you have it!

Keep in mind your wallet might fling open for the first little while, but after you use it for a while it will stay closed. If you’re wondering how to make a paper wallet for kids, you can follow similar directions just with strong construction paper or cardstock! If you get lost in the step-by-step instructions, don’t worry just go back and catch up from there. There are loads of decorating ideas you can get from Pinterest if you are interested to step it up a notch.

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