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How to Make a Fan Out of Paper: Try This Easy Craft at Home Today with Your Kids

how to make a hand fan at home

This craft is great because it doesn’t require that many items. It all depends on how far you would like to take it. You can decorate as much or as little as you like! Let’s not forget that at the end of the craft you have a little fan that you can cool yourself off with! I often find myself using a fan in closed spaces, like buses or theatres. Make yours today as an activity with your kiddos. Encourage your kids to really go wild with this one, as there isn’t much to mess up here instruction-wise. You can use anything from felt markers to sparkles! Nothing like practicing a folding technique to work on your kid’s fine motor technique. I can’t say enough about how much crafts work on this! Start your kids young with tactile activities, and see what little geniuses they are! Something about using your hands really opens a channel of creativity.

Fun paper fan craft!

how to make a paper hand fan

What you will need for this fantastically frugal craft


  • You can use whatever you have around for this, like construction paper, printer paper, or just plain colored paper, even wrapping paper will work
  • Of course please keep in mind that conserving paper is always a great idea. Feel free to reuse a piece of scrap paper

Popsicle stick

  • You can take this part of the fan as optional although it will make your fan more sturdy
  • Standard popsicle stick, like the one in your icecream


  • Color and decorate with felt markers and pens, to make a creative design
  • Glue some sparkles on with Elmers Glue or glue stick if you have around
  • You can use fluffy pompoms or pipe cleaners
  • Feel free to collect random items from around the house, and see if you can find a way to attach them to your fan
  • Make a collage on your piece of paper and then turn it into a decorative fan

How to make your DIY paper fan

homemade hand fans
  1. Start by collecting your desired materials to make your homemade paper fans
  2. Ask your kiddos which colors they want for paper and away you go
  3. Before you get folding decorate and let your paper dry
  4. Now fold your paper back and forth into an accordion shape
  5. Approximately 3 or so cm thick each fold
  6. If you have a stapler on hand feel free to close the bottom (optional of course)

There you have it that’s how to make a paper hand fan! Even though this craft is super easy, it actually can totally come in handy for hot car or bus rides in the summer. Now you know how to make a hand fan at home just go for it! Do this craft this weekend at home with your kiddos. Let your adult title go, and enjoy your inner child.

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