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How to Make a Homemade Lightsaber: Make Your Kiddos Dream Come True This Weekend

diy lightsaber for kids

How have you been during this pandemic? Often I think we all need to check in with ourselves and see how things have been going. For starters pat yourself on the back! No matter if you have made progress this week or just procrastinated you still should see it as a success. I often find it hard to see my little triumphs. A friend of mine this week reminded me that I should even feel proud when my house is in order and I have food in the fridge. As my new year’s resolution, I’ve decided to slow down and attempt to see my achievements for once! This includes the fact that I’ve gotten up to some crafty stuff this past year. Including the kids in creative activities has been a must for me, whether we are making a mess or just simply decorating the Christmas tree, it’s all been worth it.

Alrighty! Let’s get down to action! Let’s talk about how to make your DIY star wars lightsaber. Things to remember as you go:

  • If your child is younger perhaps consider making your lightsaber from lightweight materials
  • Make sure your kids use the lightsaber for play, not for violence
  • Use recycled materials to lower your costs and impact on the environment
  • Great for a themed birthday party
  • Give out as party favors

Most items required for this craft you will probably have just around the house. Depending on what method you go for, you can always adjust to what you have on hand. What materials you will need to build your own lightsaber toy:

light saber craft
  • Duct tape
  • Black electrical tape
  • Blue tape (either electrical or color some masking tape)
  • Scissors
  • Long and thin cardboard tube (either from paper towel or wrapping paper)

Keep in mind there are many methods to put together your lightsaber. To start here’s a beginner-friendly one.

How to build your lightsaber craft

how to make a lightsaber for kids
  1. Start by coloring your cardboard tube blue
  2. With a spiral-like motion, tape from top to bottom your tube
  3. Start at the top and overlap as you go (similar to tape on bicycle handlebars)
  4. Make sure to go slow so the tape doesn’t get tangled
  5. Once finished, now we are going to seal the top
  6. Cut four to five pieces of tape slightly wider than the opening of your tube
  7. Overlapping each piece of tape on each other along the open end of your tube
  8. Now that it’s covered, either dog ear down your folds or just fold down if you like
  9. If you’re interested in a neater finish, you can even place another layer of tape like trim to seal down your folds in place
  10. For the handle, start by sealing, in the same way, the opposite end of the tube, but this time with silver duct tape
  11. Decide how long you would like your handle to be, then again with a spiral-like motion tape upwards from the bottom of your handle
  12. Trim and tuck in your ends were needed to make it look neat

(Keep in mind you are more than welcome to tape your lightsaber in different patterns if you find it to be easier.)

Here’s another method of how to make a lightsaber for kids. This one may require you to go out and get a few things.

What you will need to cruft lightsaber

  • Gel colored paper
  • Flashlight
  • Silver duct tape
  • Scissors
  • Scotch tape

How to put together your DIY lightsaber for kids

build your own lightsaber toy
  1. Start by cutting your gel paper into a rectangle
  2. The height of your rectangle should be as tall as you would like the lightsaber
  3. Cut another small piece of gel paper and place with scotch tape on the top of the flashlight (so that the light shines through with color)
  4. Now secure your large piece of gel paper around your flashlight
  5. Making a cylindrical shape around the flashlight, secure with scotch tape up the gel paper
  6. At the base of the gel paper, secure the meeting point with your flashlight using duct tape

There you have it! How to make a homemade lightsaber in just a few simple steps. If you’re feeling extra creative, you could try to make an edible lightsaber. An excellent way to jazz up your kid’s birthday party! Have fun and keep it crafty!

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