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How To Make A Kaleidoscope For Kids – Kaleidoscope DIY That Your Kid Will Like

Kaleidoscope is one of the favorite amusements of children and adults. Bright patterns in an amazing toy take us into a fairy tale. At first glance, this toy seems very complicated. However, the design of the kaleidoscope is so simple that it can be made even at home. Now we will tell you how to make your own kaleidoscope for kids.

What You Will Need for Kaleidoscope DIY

DIY kaleidoscope
  • Cardboard tube. Suitable base from under the food film or foil or empty toilet paper roll
  • Mirrored sheets. Such details can be cut out of cardboard with a mirror surface or wrap ordinary cardboard strips with foil.
  • Transparent thin plastic. It can be cut out of the flat part of a plastic bottle or use a transparent lid from yogurt.
  • Filler: beads, small beads, and buttons, pieces of colored glass, small stones, etc.

Also, for DIY Kaleidoscope, You Will Need:

  • ruler
  • simple pencil and eraser
  • compasses
  • scissors with sharp ends
  • glue or glue gun
  • adhesive tape
  • cardboard or thick paper

How To Make A Kaleidoscope For Kids: Make Your Own Kaleidoscope

kaleidoscope DIY

The Mirror Prism of the Homemade Kaleidoscope

The basis of the toy is a mirror prism, which is impossible to do without. This detail is not only the most important but also the most difficult in the craft kaleidoscope.

  • Draw a circle on the paper that matches the diameter of the main tube. Inside the drawn circle, enter an equilateral triangle in such a way that all its corners touch the line of the circle. Measure the length of the side of the inscribed triangle.
  • Draw three identical rectangles on the mirror cardboard, the width of which is equal to the length of the side of the triangle, and the length is slightly shorter than the main tube.
  • Layout the cutout rectangles tightly to each other with the mirror side down. Glue the parts together with adhesive tape. Then connect the first and third rectangle, leaving a mirror surface inside, and glue the edges of the parts with tape.
  • Insert the resulting prism into the tube. The triangular part should fit tightly inside the round base and not hang out. If the inner part does not rotate together with the base when turning the tube, then lay a layer of paper or corrugated cardboard between the parts.

Filler for Simple Kaleidoscope

  • Cut out three identical circles from transparent plastic, coinciding in diameter with the main tube.
  • Place the tube with a mirrored triangle on a flat surface so that their lower edges coincide, and the upper edge of the base remains slightly free.
  • Take one of the circles and smear its edges with glue. Apply this detail to the mirror triangle. Lay a tightly twisted strip of paper along the diameter.
  • Pour the filler: beads, beads, stones, and glass. Do not pour too much filler, the details should be freely poured and folded into unusual patterns.

Making Kaleidoscope Eyepiece

  • Turn the kaleidoscope over and put a third transparent disk inside.
  • Cut out a circle from cardboard with a diameter that matches the tube. In the center of the circle, cut a small round hole through which the patterns will be visible.
  • Put a cardboard circle on top of the plastic one and secure it with tape.

Decoration for Easy Kaleidoscope

  • The last stage in the work on creating a kaleidoscope is the decoration of the case. To make the toy more attractive, stick the stars cut out of foil on top of the tube, cover it with bright stickers or colored paper.

The kid’s kaleidoscope is ready! Your kid will be happy to receive such a homemade kaleidoscope. As soon as the kid gets bored with the folding figures in the kaleidoscope, you can always replace the filler details with others – and new fantasy patterns will appear in your toy again.

We believe that making a kaleidoscope yourself is very simple and exciting. The kid will get a lot of joy from a homemade toy. To do this, you will not need anything that you would not already have at home, and it will not take much time, but you and your child will certainly get a lot of pleasure both from the assembly process and from the result.

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