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How to Make a Paper Bracelet? Step-by-Step Guide

paper bracelet

The variety of handicrafts made of paper is enormous, it brings pleasure, beauty, and joy. It is a masterpiece, perfect shape, color, variation involve kids and adults as well. In addition, there are different exhibitions, after visiting them people are excited because a small sheet of paper turns into a marvelous thing or accessory. Kids are keen on doing crafts, it is not only entertaining but useful for manual ability, attention, and logical thinking.

One of these accessories is a paper bracelet. So, how to make a bracelet out of paper? At first prepare all necessary tools and materials such as:

  • white or colored paper
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pencils, pens and felt-tip pens, sequins
  • and some additional things: thread, rhinestones, fabric bows, beads etc.

How to make a paper bracelet? Let’s take a “friendship bracelet” for example.

You need to produce paper beads and then thread them, tie them to a knot, and enjoy wearing them.

How to make a bead? Take a sheet of paper, cut it in order to get an elongated triangle. Take a toothpick or needle, attach this triangle from a wide side, and twist it. Don’t forget about gluing a narrow part, in order to make the necessary workpiece. Thread all beads choosing the position of each color.

If you are looking for a more complicated form, choose a weaving one. Prepare colored paper (A4), cut ribbons of it, then tape them in the beginning. Start to weave, you can use 3 or 4 ribbons. (it looks like a common hair braid, all parents know how to make it). Assemble it on your arm. Girls like this type very much.

Folded paper bracelets(origami bracelet instructions):

folded paper bracelets
  1. Take dense colored paper, it has to hold a shape. Cut strips 3 – 12 cm, the average amount is 18 strips for a kid’s hand
  2. Making work-pieces – start from folding every strip in half along, after- across
  3. Put one work-piece into another one to get the “T” letter
  4. The next step is bending the inner workpiece’s ends outward, downward at a right angle. They have to coincide with the outer work-pieces
  5. The same procedure has to be done on the other side. Stick ends with clothespins
  6. Take another work-piece, sell it into a loop and make a loop out of this work-piece as well
  7. Push the ends outside at a right angle
  8. They have to overlap with the previous one
  9. Mind, fill the ends of the prior work-piece gently
  10. Continue slipping a new work-piece into the formed loop and make a new one
  11. Repeat 7, 8, 9 steps
  12. Repeat these actions until the bracelet’s length is enough
  13. Do not forget to put the ends of the (very) first work-piece into the last loop of your accessory
  14. Bend ends outwards
  15. Bending at a right angle, repeat and put onto the last link
  16. Fill the ends

Now you know how to make paper bracelets DIY.

If you are interested in how to make paper wristbands, it is the simplest “bracelet”. You have to prepare a paper ribbon of appropriate size and stick the ends, that is all.

So, the art of paper handcrafts is amazing, try it with your kids, they will enjoy the result and the process for sure.

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