How to Make a Paper Sword

how to make a paper sword

Today we will learn how to make a sword out of paper! You do not need to put a lot of tools around because for its manufacture sometimes even scissors are not needed. You just need to have some free time and the paper from which this sword will be made.

When creating a sword, be especially careful, because you have to bend and unbend the paper many times (ie, you have a lot of hard work), and all your efforts can be negated if you miss even one step. Also note that there are many alternative guides on how to make origami swords on the Internet, so there is no single correct option. It all depends on your imagination.

We will tell you how to make a sword of paper. It is a useful activity that will develop your attentiveness, assiduity, and make you proud when you make it.

How to Make a Paper Sword Step by Step

how to make origami sword

It is best to use A3 size paper to make a sword. To make a weapon that has a more attractive appearance, you can take the colored paper.

  1. Then make a square out of a sheet of paper. To do this, you need to bend any of the corners to the opposite side, and then tear off carefully along the bending line or cut off with scissors strip, which remains.
  2. Turn the square colored side down and fold it in half. Make sure that the ends of the corners fit exactly. And again, bend in half to get a folded square.
  3. Then straighten one side to form a triangle, do the same with the other side.
  4. After, unfold the triangle, turn and make a fold line on all sides and diagonals, folding it in half and diagonally.
  5. Fold the sheet in half to form a square. Then you need to bend the two sides to the middle. Bend thoroughly and then unfold. Spread the corners further, and bend the sides to make the figure look like a diamond.
  6. Next, we need to fold the sides to the center to form a shape similar to a pointed plane. Flip the figure over.
  7. Fold the backside vertically, and then bend the sides inside, to get a long triangle.
  8. Flip the handicraft again. Fold the side parts to the center. Make a similar action with the other part.
  9. In the next steps, you need to make a handle and a cross for our sword. To do this, you need to make the crosshead thin, similar to a real weapon, by multiple bending.
  10. You need to bend the parts of the workpiece to the right and left. Then, you can bend the tips beautifully so that the sword has an attractive appearance.

We just made a sword with a comfortable handle and across, which will protect your hands in case of an emergency!

If you have passed all steps properly, you can be congratulated – you know how to make a cool paper sword! Your children will be happy because now they can fight on paper swords, organize crusades, defeat various monsters! You can use your imagination to full power when creating a sword. Decorate the sword somehow with different game attributes, paint, or stickers.

Our paper sword tutorial is designed for children who want to try their hand at making decorations and props at home. Previously, we have already written how to make a paper airplane and paper bracelet and are going to expand the library of paper products for young craftsmen.

The ancient art of origami has already proved to us that there is nothing you can not make from paper, so our capabilities are limited only by our imagination. Teach your child that he can do whatever he wants, and then he can grow. It is the best way for a loving parent.

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