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How to Make Glow In The Dark Bubbles

glow in the dark bubbles

What Materials You Gonna Need For Glow In The Dark Bubbles:

  • Clear plastic container;
  • Paper towels;
  • Gloves;
  • Bubble blowing wand;
  • Scissors;
  • 5 glow sticks (try to find non-toxic);
  • 5 cups real bubble liquid.

Step-by-step Make Glow In The Dark Bubbles

  1. Cut off the edges of the light sticks over any paper towels to restrict any splatter;
  2. Spill their contents into the synthetic box;
  3. Pour the crystal bubble liquid and add the solution properly;
  4. You need to have a freshly painted container full of glowing bubbles;
  5. Place them free by dipping the rod in the solution and blowing into it;
  6. Additionally, you can place the liquid in bubble tools for the faster formation of bubbles.

Homemade Glow in the Dark Bubbles With Glow Paint

how to make glow in the dark bubbles
  1. Blend a cup of distilled water, 1 tsp glycerin, and 1 tbsp dish soap in a glass container;
  2. Wait till all components are mixed well;
  3. Separate the mix-up into two parts and place them in various jars;
  4. Join 1 tbsp of glow paint to every component of the jars to make 2 distinct colors. Perform a perfect mixing;
  5. After it, the jars should be covered for about 24 hours;
  6. Blow with fodder or bubble rod.
  7. The black color gives the bubbles all the more extended.

Glow In The Dark Soap Recipe: What Science Says

Highlighter paint shines under a black light (UV radiation) because it fluoresces. What is fluorescence? It is a kind of substance that gives off its light (radiation) during the process of exposure to the source of outside radiation.

Remark For Parents!

Dear parents, we hope you will make this project with kids and protect them and yourself. It is crucially important to do so. Also, remember that children adore playing with glow sticks – be attentive and watch that kids don’t play with open or damaged sticks. It is forbidden for kids to drink liquid! Don’t let it happen.

Thank you for reading our article! Now you know how to make glow-in-dark bubbles with the blacklight. We hope you enjoyed it and your time with fun! We have other articles to read. See you soon!

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