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Discover How To Build Your Own Homemade Lightsaber and Why Is It Easy?

How To Build Your Own Homemade Lightsaber

Handmade is a great way to spend time with kids. There are many kinds of different arts and crafts. Today I want to propose in detail how to make lightsabers diy quickly and easily. In this article you can find information about different lightsabers. It is very simple and fascinating for kids and parents. Making a lightsaber is very popular among children.

Why Are Lightsabers Popular?

Lightsaber is one kind of weapon. It is a superweapon from the book and film “War stars” After watching this movie all people are inspired to have the same weapon and imagine themself like a main character of the book. Everyone wants to feel like a hero from their favorite movie.

In this book children can read different technological weapons from small pistols to big laser weapons. But each hero chooses a personal weapon. The most popular and unusual gun was lightsabers.

Nowadays there are many kinds of lightsabers crafting.

I will try to make a list of lightsabers from simple lightsabers to top-notch weapons. Don`t forget to prepare for this activity.

Firstly, it is preparation. Parents can explain that everything can be successful if you are well-prepared for it. Prepare not only all products for your weapon but special clothes and space. From below there are different diy lightsabers instructions. You can choose which variety of lightsaber is good for you.

For each type you need a knife, paintbrush, table, gloves and glue.

The Best DIY Lightsabers

Basic Lightsaber

Basic Lightsaber

The first variety is very simple to make at home. You need paper, color and a handle or pen. First you need to take a big piece of paper and roll into a tube. After that, fix it with glue or stapler. Paint it in your favorite color. The last step is connecting the painted tube with the handle. It can be a different thing as a handle for our weapon. Ready to war in our fantasy with simple weapons. It is an easy DIY lightsaber for kids. Children can do it themselves. It can be interesting for boys.

Fighting Lightsaber

Fighting Lightsaber

If you want to take part in the battle, you need a stronger sword. You can use pool noodles for it. Take a long colorful pool noodle and connect it with a handle. And your safe weapon ready. It can be a very interesting war with pool noodles and you can use it in the swimming pool and it’s great entertainment for summer. It can be interesting not only for boys but girls.

Eatable Lightsaber

Eatable Lightsaber

It is an unusual kind of lightsaber, but it can be. It is more interesting for girls. They can cook it with their mothers and learn something new and it was a great experience for kids and parents. You need vegetables or fruits, sauce, foil or a stick. It can be an original healthy snack.

Cut cucumbers or celery and slather with sauce and one part twist with the fiol. Our vegetables lightsabers are ready. It is very healthy.

For a fruit lightsaber you need grapes, strawberries or raspberries. You can watch it in the pictures.

How to Make a Cardboard Lightsaber?

How to Make a Cardboard Lightsaber

Next type is from cardboard. You need colorful cardboard, paper clips or staplers, duct tape and knife. Firstly, cut a big part of cardboard and twist a big tube then fix it. One part on the top or at the end twist with a duct tape. Your lightsaber is ready for fighting.

Flashlight Lightsaber

Flashlight Lightsaber

One more complicated lightsaber for kids is using a flashlight. You need the same things as in the previous type but you can add flashlights. It can be difficult but your weapon will be the best. You should make a tube from cardboard or paper and put the flashlight in the tube. You can choose different colors of cardboard or lights.

One more option is without cardboard or paper. You can use only flashlights. You need a LED flashlight. It can be better.

If it is difficult to choose one color, you can make many mini LED lightsabers. You should use small flashlights. In the war you can mark that one color for one action. For example yellow is for protection from spiders and with red you can open doors.

DIY Multi-color Lightsaber for Kids

DIY Multi-color Lightsaber for Kids

Above in the article there are many lightsaber diy easy for kids and parents. The most interesting way to make your thing unusual. For example kids can paint their ready cardboard or paper lightsaber in different colors. It can look like a rainbow or it can contain 4 colors. If you make a flashlight lightsaber, you can buy blinking lights for it. It can change colors or flash when it is necessary. It is a beautiful and unusual weapon.

Maybe this weapon can make people happy and give love to everyone. I think it is a great way to explain to kids how weapons can be dangerous and cause pain. People shouldn`t use weapons, only in the games.

Balloon Lightsaber

Balloon Lightsaber

If you don’t have enough time for handmade, it is a great way to make it quickly. It is the cheapest type of lightsaber. You need long balloons and blow it. You are ready for war and game. It is safe for health. Blowing balloons is very good for health and lungs. Balloons are colorful and beautiful. You can build a handle for it from balloons. You should use imagination.

In conclusion of this article, I want to mention the best three lightsabers. For girls it can be an edible lightsaber, for boys it can be a flashlightsaber. Parents can organise a “war stars” party. Girls can cook lightsabers, boys can blow balloons lightsabers. Everyone, who takes part in the party, can make their own lightsaber for a big game or war as in the book or in the movie.

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