How to Make Paper Flowers

Decorating gift wrapping, decorative elements, or interesting leisure – you can make paper flowers that can be anything for you. Only a little patience and imagination will be required from the creator. All the rest we will provide for you. Read our article on how to make easy paper flowers to surprise your parents.

A Little Bit of Theory on How to Make Paper Flowers for Kids

Do you have an idea, but no suitable material? Not in this case. Flowers can be created from any paper, be it a page glossy magazine, a napkin, office A4, or a sticker. The main thing is that at hand are scissors, thread, and glue. The density of the paper depends on how do you make paper flowers properly.

How to Make Flowers with Paper Using Different Materials

how to make flowers with paper

Cardboard and glossy pages are ideal for simple forms that do not require the plasticity of the material.

Napkins and corrugated paper allow you to give colors realistic. The main thing when working with this material to consider the direction of folds: they are located along with the petals. If the petals are cut so that the wrinkles were across the central axis of the petal or, worse, were at an angle to it – the result will be sloppy. It is exactly not how to make small paper flowers.

Newspaper, Kraft paper, office paper, or stickers do not require any rules, allowing you to implement any ideas and instructions on how to make a paper flower easy.

The sheets printed on one side only need to be tested: bend the corner, and then spread it. If the white color came through the paint on the fold, then send such paper to the cardboard, it is not suitable for intricate ideas. In another case, you can implement the most daring ideas.

Set aside parchment and other “weightless” materials, if you are a beginner master. This material is capricious and whimsical, requires preliminary humidification with subsequent drying.

How to Make Paper Flowers for Kids Easy with Glue

how to make paper flowers for kids

Various options for volumetric colors of paper involve the connection of details. It is good, if you have a hot glue gun, it is universal. Otherwise, consider that:

  • The heavy paper is glued with thick glue. The thinner the sheets, the more diluted the glue should be.
  • Napkins, corrugated paper, and their counterparts do not like glue. Details of products are better to fix a few turns of ordinary thread.
  • If you need to thread flowers on a wire base or a fishing line, use large beads as a stopping element.
  • There is an easy way to make paper flowers with a hard rod, then twist a small dense paper tube, which you can fix in the right place with a wire.

While reading or viewing the master class on volume colors, pay attention to the complexity of the process of their production. Try to highlight the most difficult moment and practice its execution on a rough leaf. Did you make it? So you are ready to bring the idea to life.

If you do not succeed, then do not hurry to cut the paper on the details, and pick up a simpler scheme. Even a simple flower made beautifully will bring positive emotions and will look better than his difficult but sloppy “brother. You can find hundreds of different tutorials on how to make paper flowers step by step easy for kids on the Internet.

Handicraft is a great way to spend time with benefits. In addition to creating beautiful things, you will acquire the necessary skills that may come in handy in the future. You may not become a great craftsman, but you will know how to make a paper flower!

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