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How To Build A Robot For Beginners? Building A Robot At Home Is Easy And Simple

Today, in the list of children’s preferences, a new character – a robot, has replaced teddy bears and hares. Store shelves are full of a huge number of different models of cyborgs, androids, and transformers. However, the cost of “smart cars” is very decent. Therefore, more and more parents and children prefer building robots from improvised means with their own hands.

Step 1. How To Make Your Own Robot?

building a robot

The first step in starting robotics is to determine what your robot should do (i.e., what its purpose in life is).

Decide how you want to make your robot. You are unlikely to be able to assemble a full-scale, bipedal humanoid that can fulfill all your whims. You will start by building a robot that can move back and forth, left and right wirelessly on command from the remote control. However, after you master robot building for dummies, you can improve your design and add various innovations, just follow the instructions: “There is no complete robot in the world”. You can always add and improve something.

Step 2. Be Careful

how to make your own robot

Be careful before building a robot at home, even before ordering the necessary parts. Your first robot will look like two servo motors on a flat piece of plastic. This design is very simple and leaves you room for improvement. The size of such a model will be approximately 15 by 20 centimeters. To create such a simple robot, you can simply draw it schematically using a ruler, paper, and pencil in real size. For larger and more complex projects, you will need to learn the rules of scaling and automated programming.

Step 3. Select The Parts You Need

how to build a robot for beginners

To make your own robot, you need to select the parts for it. Although it is not yet time to order the parts, you should already choose them and know where to buy them. If you order online, it is better to find all the details on one site, which will help you, save on delivery. You will need material for the frame or chassis, 2 servo motors, a battery, a radio transmitter, a transmitter, and a receiver.

Pick up the battery. You will need something to supply power for the robot. Do not attempt to use an AC power source (i.e., a regular power outlet). Use a non-variable source (finger batteries).

  • Select The Material

You have probably seen school projects that were based on existing mass-produced products. Primarily such as bottles, cartons, etc. This is essentially a” reuse» of the product. It can either save you a lot of time and money.

  • Basic Building Material

For example, you can build your robot out of cardboard. Some of the most basic building materials can be used to create excellent frames. One of the cheapest and most affordable materials is cardboard.

Maybe you can create a reinforced cardboard box that looks much more beautiful. In addition, it matches the size of your robot. Then you can apply epoxy resin or glue to make it more durable. In conclusion, you can additionally decorate it.

  • Flat Material for Construction

One of the most common ways to make a frame for building a robot for beginners is to use standard materials, such as a sheet of plywood, plastic, or metal. In addition, drill holes connect all the actuators and electronics. A solid piece of plywood can be quite thick and heavy. At the same time, a thin sheet of metal may be too flexible.

For example, a board or plywood made of dense wood can be easily cut with a saw, drilled (without fear of destruction), painted, sanded, etc. Therefore, you can install the devices on both sides. For example, connect the motors and wheels to the bottom, and the electronics and battery to the top. At the same time, the wood remains stationary and solid.

  • 3D Printing

Because of printing to a 3D printer, you can create very complex shapes for building a robot for beginners. Such forms would be impossible (or very difficult) to produce in other ways.

As 3D printing becomes more popular, the price of parts is also reduced. Additionally, the advantage of 3D printing is not only that your design is easy to reproduce, but it is also easy to share.

  • Select the Transmitter / Receiver

This part will be the most expensive part of your robot. In addition, this will be the most important part, because, without it, your robot will not be able to do anything.

  • Select Wheels.

Step 4. Order The Parts

Now that you have selected the necessary parts, order them online. Try to order them from a few sites as possible, which allows you to save on shipping and get all the items at the same time.

Step 5. Measure And Cut Out The Frame

To build a robot for beginners at this stage, take a ruler and a cutting object, and measure the length and width of the running frame, approximately 15 (cm) by 20 (cm). Now, check how smooth your lines are.

Step 6. Building A Robot

robot building for dummies

Now, you have all the necessary materials and a cutout chassis. This stage answers the main question: “how to build your own robot?”

1. Place the servo motors on the bottom side of the plastic board near the edge. The side of the servo motor that has the rod should be directed to the outside. Make sure that you have enough room for the wheels to engage.

2. Attach the wheels to the motors using the screws that were delivered to you along with the motors.

3. Attach one piece of Velcro to the receiver and the other to the battery pack.

4. Attach two pieces of the opposite type of Velcro to the robot and attach the receiver and battery pack to it.

5. You are building your own robot with two wheels on one side and the other side just dragging on the floor, but we will not add a third wheel yet.

Step 7. Connect The Wires

Now that all the parts are in place, you need to connect everything to the receiver. Connect the battery to the receiver where it says “power” or “battery”, try to connect everything correctly.

Step 8. Put In On Charge

Disconnect the battery from the receiver and connect it to the charger. Charging may take about 24 hours, so be patient.

Step 9. Play!

Now play around with your build robots for beginners. Go ahead! Press the forward button on the transmitter.


  • Try to put your old “smartphone” with a camera on the robot and use it as a moving recording device. You can use video chat to see where the robot is going, which will give you the opportunity to take it outside your room without your escort.
  • If you press to the right, and the robot goes to the left, then try to connect the wiring on the receiver differently, so, for example, if you stuck the right servo motor in channel 2, and the left servo motor in channel 1, and then swap them.

Robot For Beginners

1. Paper Robot

Prepare it:

  • A4 paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

You will also need a color printer. Creating a building robot teaches your child to be patient, diligent, and accurate. There is nothing complicated in the manufacturing process here.

Let us analyze the instructions for robot building for beginners:

  • Print a colored robot template. The scheme can be found on the Internet.
  • Carefully cut out the composite elements along the contour and bend them along the marked lines.
  • Collect your own robot figurine. To do this, you need to smear the allowances on each blank with glue. It is advisable to start gluing the parts from the head. Then the legs, the arms, the body. All corners must be straight. The allowances need to be hidden inside.
  • Add decor. These can be inserts made of foil or colored cardboard, plastic elements.

2. Knitted Robot Bi bi

This is another answer to the question, how to build a robot for beginners. This craft is sure to please your child because it is the hero of the famous children’s animated series “Smeshariki”.

DIY robots for beginners. You will need:

  • hook;
  • colored yarn;
  • filler;
  • cardboard;
  • wire.

Pick up your favorite building robots for beginners scheme on the Internet and start knitting. Insert the wire into the antenna. Therefore, it will be possible to bend it. Cardboard will be needed in the manufacture of legs. At the end of the work, do not forget to carefully cut the threads and tuck them inside.

3. Building Robots at Home

Such a homemade product is obscenely easy to make but very cute. It is created from nine boxes, colored paper, and glue. The boxes need to be pasted with colored paper and form a robot figure out of them. Do not forget to draw the face with a felt-tip pen, and attach the antennas from matches. Now you know several ways to make your own robots.

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