How to Play Baseball

baseball position diagram

Have you seen children play baseball hundreds of times but still do not know the rules? This is not surprising, because only Americans could come up with such an unobvious game in which hitting the ball is not enough. We figured out all the details to create a guide on baseball rules for dummies.

Rules of baseball

Teams compete for the right to serve the ball and run. The team gets a point when a player runs over one base. Each team counts 9 players. Sending and receiving teams are built against each other. From 9 players of the team that serves the ball only one player participates in-game actions. All players play in the team which receives the ball. You can see six central (1 serving ball, 1 receiving the ball, 1 defender, 3 players on bases), and three field players. Sealed gloves and tires protect the knees of the players who receiving and serving the ball. Also, the player receiving the ball has a mask and belly-protecting equipment. It`s baseball basic safety and rules.

The ball-sucking player stands in the middle of the field in the shooting base. He starts the game by serving the ball to the attacker of the opposing team. If the attacker succeeds in knocking the ball off the attacking base and sending it back to the field, this gives him the right to run to the base. As soon as he takes the first base, the other player becomes a new striker. Remember these baseball instructions, it will help you to understand the basics of baseball.

The player of the receiving team takes the ball and tries to send it as soon as possible to their partners on the bases. So that they touch an opponent with the ball in their hands even before the base plate. If it succeeds, the player of the attacking team is knocked out. This one of the main basic baseball terms.

Baseball rules for kids

baseball rules for dummies

The game time is not limited. If an attacker violates the competition rules, he is replaced by another player. If 3 attackers are out of the game, the teams change their bases, i.e. the defending team starts the attack. 9 alternating defenses of each team make up the game.

The scoring system. If an attacker after a successful throw ran to three bases and back, he gets 1 point and, thus, the service is considered to be over. The winner is the team with the highest number of points. If the player who serves the ball made 4 wrong throws or one false throw, the opponents’ forward shall automatically get the right to run to the first base.

The forward becomes a field player if he made one hit with the bat on the ball; if the referee registers 4 mistakes or the attacker does not hit the ball 3 times; if the attacker touches the body of the ball.

The striker is knocked out if he hits the ball out of turn or outside the base; if after one minute he is not in the base from which he must hit the ball; if he prevents the player who receives the ball; if he made 3 mistakes or if there is a player in the first base who received the ball from him.

By the way, try to provide baseball for your kids. It will develop many good skills for your child.

Playing field

The baseball field covers an area of approximately one hectare. The markings of the field are based on bases, which delineate a square or “infield” (inner field), with the base in the “home” base. In the center of the square is a fixed plate of bleached rubber 60×15 cm, which the pitcher must touch with his foot when making a shot. The first, second, and third bases are white, square canvas bags. The “House” or “home” base is a pentagon of bleached rubber that has the form of a rectangle. These two parties form a wedge. Borders of the game are the white lines that are carried out from “house” up to the first and third bases.

A bit more rules of baseball

 baseball scoring explained

The game begins with a pitcher, whose task is to throw the ball so accurately and hard so that the enemy hitter could not hit it.

Strike – the zone is located above the home base. The zone begins from the knee and up to the middle of the kicker’s chest. The kicker shall hit the ball only when it enters the strike zone. The chief referee shall decide whether the ball has hit or not.

The purpose of the hitter (kicker) – to choose a suitable throw and hit the ball as far as possible on the playing field. If the hitter kicks the ball out of the field, it is considered an unsuccessful attempt (foul ball). As soon as he kicks the ball into the field he throws a bat and runs through the bases as long as he has the time (blue hand is counterclockwise). Each striker who runs through all four bases and returns to his home base brings the team a point. If he hits the ball so hard that it flies over the back fence of the field, the attacker may run freely through all the bases to his home base. This point is called the home run.

Players are moved counterclockwise after the kicker kicks the ball. In this case, each runner shall touch each subsequent base.

A flyout is a ball caught by a rally. In this case, the kicker shall be put into out. Runners on the bases may start moving only after the ball is caught by the defending player.

Force-Out is to put one or more players into touch at the same time. In this case, the defending player shall touch the base with the ball trapped.

The base shall be occupied by a player if he managed to occupy the base before the opponent snapped it or passed the ball to the base. The team of referees “safe”.

If the kicker manages to knock the ball out of the 1st line of defense (infielder), he wins the 1st base and may even run to the 2nd or 3rd base depending on the range of the ball.

Base theft is when a runner tries to make a run without hitting the ball. But he does it at his own risk. He succeeds and wins the base. In Softball, this concept may not exist.

The kicker shall be put into touch by the defense players when the base is “stolen”.

A double game is an output of 2 attacking players at once. It all seems complicated, but in fact, baseball rules are simple. You need to get a little more baseball knowledge and then you will realize how interesting this game is. Try to explain the baseball rules to children because baseball games for kids are very popular and interesting.

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