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Things Bad Parents Say – What You Cannot Say To Avoid Being A Toxic Parent

What You Cannot Say To Avoid Being A Toxic Parent

How Parents Can Ruin Their Children’s Future

The ability to communicate well with a child is important, but many parents have problems with this issue. To prevent bad parenting, lay the right communication with children. And it does not matter whether it is a kid or a teenager. Many families have a parent-child relational problem, in order to establish a good relationship with a child; a parent must know that it is impossible to tell his child.

Some phrases of parents that they throw without hesitation can turn into psychological problems for children in the future and destroy the future.

What Is The Most Psychologically Damaging Thing You Can Say To A Child

What Is The Most Psychologically Damaging Thing You Can Say To A Child

Offensive Things about Appearance

Parents should not tell their children phrases such as you are a freak, you are too fat (thin, tall, short), you have terrible hair (hairstyle, face), etc. The humiliation of a person by external signs feeds self-doubt. Such words create a fear of looking somehow wrong. Parents should teach their children to love themselves, despite the fact that not everything is perfect in their appearance.

Things Not to Say to Kids

Parents should not say: why are you, toxic kids? Why are you acting so weird? What is your terrible gait (the way you speak, move)? Children believe everything that adults say and such things parents say hurt. After such remarks, it becomes difficult for a child to be himself in society, even when he grows up. He can be shackled all his life by fears that people see certain shortcomings in him. In fact, the idea of imperfection was instilled in him from childhood by toxic parents.

Things bad Parents Say

Never tell children that their maintenance is too expensive. Do not reproach the baby that you get tired of because of taking care of him. After such words, the kid will deliberately hide his feelings, emotions, and doubts from his mother. He will be afraid of incurring the wrath of a parent. The obsession of adult family members with money and material goods leads to the fact that children can begin to show aggression.

Unhealthy Comparisons

Parents should not reproach the child that he is not smart enough (talented, successful, beautiful) in comparison with cousins or children of friends. When parents say hurtful things, it lowers the child’s self-esteem, convinces him that he is a loser. In this case, children from the idea that they will never get anything better than others will. In addition, a competitive atmosphere in the family leads to unhealthy relationships. Children are offended at each other, they are jealous.

How to Deal With an Ungrateful Child

How to Deal With an Ungrateful Child

Show by Your Example

First, you should show the child what gratitude is by your example. To do this, set a specific time each day (for example, at dinner or on the way home from school) to discuss things for which you are grateful.


This is the easiest way to get gratitude, and at the same time one of the most effective ways to teach your child to be grateful.

Praise the Kid for His Work

Assign the child some work, give him a task, and then thank him for doing it.

What Parents Do For Their Child?

Let us figure out what loving parents mean and what children need from parents to grow into independent and self-confident adults.


All children need love. All children deserve love. We can give our children a lot of things and pleasures that will only bring them devastation. There is never much love. Love is simple and immaterial; it is a feeling of complete acceptance that we give to our children. We love them because that is what they deserve.


Often, parents put too much pressure on their children to make them conform to the ideal image that they have in their heads. However, children need patience, not pressure. They need to reach out so that they can reach everything at their comfortable pace.

Your Time

Find time every day that you can spend together with your child. Let your child understand that you will always have time for him when he needs it.

Things You Should Never Say To Your Teenage Daughter

Things You Should Never Say To Your Teenage Daughter

You’re Ugly

Do not destroy the girl’s self-esteem. Your task, as a parent, is to explain to your daughter that she is beautiful in any form.

You’re Fat

If you notice that the child has become overweight, you do not need to directly inform your daughter about this. Firstly, you risk developing complexes in her, and secondly, you will undermine your authority in her eyes. Show an example: start cooking healthy food at home, limit the number of sweets and fast food in the house, get up for morning exercises, do fitness. Let her be motivated in front of her eyes.

We believe that every child needs an individual approach, but all children need the love and understanding of their parents. Parents should not say offensive things to the child about their appearance or behavior, and then he will grow up happy and confident.

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