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Don’t Know How to Win the Carcassonne Game? Article Will Help Win Carcassonne

carcassonne strategy

The board game “Carcassonne” is considered to be one of the best tactical games in the world. This dynamic game with a nice design, simple rules, and an affordable price quickly won the love of fans and firmly took one of the top places on the pedestal of the tabletop world.

Like many other tactics, Carcassonne is a type of game characterized by the English proverb “easy to learn, hard to master”: easy to learn, but hard to win. Numerous competitions and world tournaments only prove the fact that the price of “Carcassonne” as a game is precisely in the superiority of skill over blind luck.

A short Carcassonne strategy guide will get you real value in the Carcassonne board game

As you know, the participants in this game use the Carcassonne game strategy by placing their figures favorably on the ever-expanding playing field. Despite the great influence of luck, it’s hard not to notice this strategic prowess in the game. The random release of tiles (elements of the playing field) does not negate the tactical depth of Carcassonne, but only with the help of the gameplay dynamics, helping new players to join the game and supporting the excitement of veterans.

How to win Carcassonne? The main goal of a player at Carcassonne is to balance his Carcassonne strategy

how to win carcassonne

There are two main ways to earn points in the game. The first path is easier and faster, but the second can bring a lot more victory points at the end of the Carcassonne game. The cost of using only one strategy is highly questionable: it is rare for a player to win by relying on immediate development or by monopolizing the fields. The game’s masters advise focusing about three-quarters of your resources on rapid development and one quarter on Carcassonne farmer scoring. Do not get too carried away with capturing the fields, because this can deprive you of chips (the subject laid out on the field on it until the end of the game).

More chips, more opportunities. This is a special rule to remember. On the other hand, it is pointless to keep more than the number of meeples in stock, because the chips in the game “Carcassonne” have a value only when they are placed on the field, which means they are playing for victory points. Balance is also very important here: it is always useful to have a chip in reserve so that you can use a successful one, but keeping them for too long means giving your opponents the initiative. In the middle of the game, it makes sense to keep from 1 to 3 subjects at hand, and at the end – no more than 2.

Despite the absence of military action in the game “Carcassonne”, you need to take care of your people and in no case spend more than necessary. Before placing a new chip on the field, you need to analyze what price in the board game “Carcassonne” actually has the opportunity to place an opportunity (the last chip from the stock should be displayed as a last resort). And even the most “tasty” paths of victory points should not be used if your tiles are already on the tile.

Without a doubt, the most important of the fast-paced strategy games is city building. Without multiple cities under the control of your knight tokens, the chances of winning are greatly reduced. It must be remembered that trying to build a city that is too big can only harm your strategy. We recommend not building cities larger than 10 tiles and completing them as quickly as possible. And remember – the more docking options you leave, the higher the price of your city in the game “Carcassonne”. Players with an aggressive playstyle may benefit from promising cities before they become overgrown with shields that bring additional victory points.

Roads are the second most important source of victory points. In addition, roads divide fields, which can be used as a good tactic to protect your farmers. A cleverly set road will easily block the enemy’s ability to complete the city. Thus, their importance in “Carcassonne” can hardly be overestimated. These simple Carcassonne tips may not make you a master of the game, but they will definitely suggest a few tricks that have a price in the Carcassonne board game. Whichever strategy you learn, remember that the main goal of the game is fun and a good mood for everyone involved.

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