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How to Win Ticket to Ride: A Detailed Explanation of Working Game Strategy

Ticket to Ride is a cross-country train board game. Players get train cards that allow them to build railway roads connecting cities in North America. Ticket to Ride instructions are incredibly easy and understandable for everyone. Want to know how to win in Ticket to Ride? Read this article!

What Is Ticket to Ride

Ticket to Ride tips

Ticket to Ride is a famous board game that requires up to five contestants trying to get to different destinations all combating over the same track lines. The more routes you are building the more points you get in case none of your opponents block off you.

The game is based on both tactics and the fate of the draw. Your actions are defined by the colors of cards you take from the deck. With a variety of opportunities and choices, it makes you addicted to playing. The game has plenty of modifications, so you can play in the region that you live in or like. And it doesn’t take much time because it is intended for small groups of up to five players.

Ticket to Ride: Game Rules Explained Step-by-Step

Ticket to Ride game rules

Ticket to Ride board game instructions are easy to learn and almost anyone is able to play. Here it is described step-by-step:


Set the scoreboard in the middle of the table. Let players choose a color and get needed matching markers and train parts.

Mix the pile of 110 different train cards. Draw each player 4 cards for the start.

Put the Longest Path Bonus card alongside the game board.

Mix the pile of 30 destination cards. Provide every player with 3 cards that demonstrate their purposes in the game. Everyone has to choose at least 2 cards to keep. 3 cards can be kept as well. Put these cards in a face-down pile alongside the game board.


The first player must be the person who traveled the most, but you can decide in any other way. Each turn a player can make one action and then the turn goes to the following player in the circle.

There are only three types of activities, so it is easy to remember and apply:

Action 1: Take Train Cards

The member can take 2 train cards. He can get any one of the face-up cards, or blindly pick the top card from the deck. If he draws a face-up card, he should replace the face-up card from the deck with a new card. Then he draws his second card from any pile.

Action 2: Claim Route

The player can declare a path on the game board by building a train of cards. Cards should resemble the color and distance of the track. After that player put their colored trains on each part of this track. Then mark the score by moving their Scoring Marker to the Scoring Track on the game board.

If you prefer to occupy a path while you turn, you score points based on the distance of that path. Read the chart to know how many points you got and move your game piece throughout the route.

Action 3: Take New Destination Card

The player picks 3 top destination tickets from the deck. He should save at least one of them, but he can also keep more if he wants. All restored cards are settled on the bottom of the pile.

If you built the route from the city to the city, it means that you finished one of your destination cards. turn it over and count those points. Each card has a different rate. Move your score tracker along the point as many spaces as you need.

Ending game

It happens when there are only 2 train parts or fewer left on any player’s pile at the end of his turn. Each opponent, including the first mentioned, takes the last turn. Then the game ends and everyone calculates earning points.


The number of points for routes you haven’t finished must be subtracted from your score. You can calculate its quantity by adding the numbers on the destination tickets.


The player who ends up with the biggest point result is winning the ticket board game.

Ticket to Ride Board Game Strategy

Ticket to Ride Board Game Strategy

Ticket to Ride: how to play wisely? We brought some recommendations on Ticket to Ride strategies.

Keep as many cards as possible

Ticket to Ride is about building ways, and you need cards to achieve that. As we already know, the number of cards will decrease with every new path. However, we suggest holding a full hand as long as you can. It gives you more opportunities and feels free in your choices. This Ticket to Ride strategy may help at the end of the game as well.

Choose cards thoughtfully

Pick cards that are face-up and benefit you in any way. It could be the colors you lack to finish routes or additional cards that you already chose.

If there is completely nothing useful for you in the face-up pile, only then do we advise going to draw blindly.

Plan your steps reasonably: alternate building and drawing cards. For example, three to four turns to make roads, then three to four turns to take cards, then another circle. By choosing this Ticket to Ride strategy you always will be able to accomplish your started destinations.

Ticket to Ride tips on routes

Don’t wait too long to build. If you need a specific track, don’t be afraid to occupy it.

Always start building from the middle. This approach will let you be more flexible in your next decisions. Otherwise, by beginning building from the edge, you risk restricting yourself.

If you can’t finish your destinations without any of these roads, it should be your first purpose in the game. These routes are important regardless of player count. When both sides of a way can’t be used, they’re necessary as they’re a single choice. If both sides are free, one being chosen will start a run on the other being built because opponents don’t want to pass up the chance.

Big tracks are more useful and profitable than small tracks. Sometimes the shorter roads are necessary to unite your destinations, but longer placings would give you more points.

Ticket to Ride game strategy for ending

When you have accomplished your destinations and think you are the first (because Ticket to Ride game instructions don’t allow players to talk about their intentions out loud), you have 2 prospects.

The first is to draw complimentary tickets to win. Depending on the destinations you’ve finished, there’s a big possibility that a card you grab will either already be finished or only requires a couple of attachments to be finished. This is especially helpful if you have united any of the longer coast-to-coast tracks or have a notable built area in the center of the game board.

Complimentary cards are a good opportunity for more points, but be aware that by grabbing cards you give time to your opponents to complete their destinations and spend their train cards. To prevent that, you can end the game as quickly as you finish your missions. Ending a game that suddenly can make your opponents fail and lose points for not completing destinations.

Don’t give up on the fight for a win ticket!

If you feel that the game isn’t going as well for you as for other players, don’t give up. Take your chance and try to draw the destination cards. As more, as you can. In this case, negative points actually don’t mean a lot, if you understand your current situation.

One last piece of advice from us: play fair and enjoy the game

Thank you for reading our article. We hope it helps you succeed at Ticket to Ride. See you soon!

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