Impact of Gadgets: Pros and Cons of Electronic Devices

impact of gadjet

You should stop arguing with your child about using gadgets. We understand your desire to protect your child from Internet addiction or unnecessary information. You can’t keep track of everything. You should understand that our life is closely connected with information technology and this is more a plus than a minus.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, gadgets all these devices make our lives easier, save time, allowed access to an unlimited amount of information, teach and entertain. Priority is to allocate time properly and use them as a tool in learning or cognitive activities. We have already heard many times about how the use of gadgets affects us in everyday life, so we decided to discuss the topic of technology and education (about their pros and cons) in today’s article.

Pros and cons of electronic devices

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Let’s start with unpleasant moments:

Modern gadgets distract from the learning process in most cases

Why is this happening? All teachers know that the student’s attention is the main criterion for learning information. Therefore, the teacher should prepare well before teaching a class that is considered a structure of a lesson, to pick up interesting material, methods (techniques), and forms of organizing the learning.

Tech gadgets for teachers are the real salvation for the successful realization of the lesson objective (if to use them carefully). But practice shows if a teacher uses technical devices in a lesson too often, they distract pupils from basic information. Children are used to bright pictures, favorite heroes; it entertains them, causes positive emotions and it becomes boring and not interesting to return to the dry theory and figures.

The use of gadgets affects the interaction between children and their communication skills

The main task of the school is to prepare a child for an active life in society.

Do you agree that technology replaces numerous things for us? If a lot of information comes and sounds from the screens of smart devices, children will be deprived of the need for communication and interaction. After all, it is so important to teach a child to express their thoughts, to form sentences, and work as a team with other children. Even the coolest gadget will not replace lively companionship.

Not all children have the opportunity to use gadgets

All children want the best phones, iPads, and other technical accessories. Especially, when they see all these benefits to their classmates. But not every family can afford to buy a laptop or the latest iPhone model. This situation frustrates the child, it wants to be like all the other classmates. In this case, the teacher should take this into account and not build the learning process only with the help of tech gadgets for education. All children should be equal in access to information. Also, children need to be reminded of the existence of libraries where they can use electronic devices and resources.

Advantages of technology in classrooms

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  1. Computers in the classroom help to involve all children in the learning process. There are different types of temperament, psychological characteristics of children that influence initiative and desire to actively participate in discussions of various problems and tasks. If a child is not self-confident, shy and afraid to take the initiative, he or she will no longer doubt yourself with the help of modern information technologies.
  2. Technology gadgets for teachers. Many teachers make their life easier, especially those who don’t have difficulties in using gadgets.
  3. We believe that children should not only read and write correctly but also be information literate. Nowadays, it is very important to be in possession of the correct and verified information, know how to find reliable sources and to adhere to online ethics.

Every teacher can automate some important processes for example:

  • School attendance by pupils
  • Control of knowledge
  • Systematization and selection of individual tasks (tests) for children

The biggest plus of computers in the classroom is that the teacher can explain and show the difficult material (complicated for perception) without much effort and without cost. This is especially important in physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, or geometry classes. Children can create atoms and create a series of chemical reactions with the help of electronic devices. This is very interesting and fascinating.

The question is not to refuse or continue to use gadgets in everyday life. We must teach our children to be confident and competent users of the Internet.

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