Insect Craft For Preschool – Make Insects From Improvised Means: Dragonfly, Butterfly, Ladybug, Cockroach

Gardens and parks are dressed in green foliage; flowers compete in beauty and fragrance. In addition, in the lush green grass under the warm sun, a special life boils. Hundreds of insects, beetles, spiders, caterpillars, and butterflies are busy with their important tasks. Each has a different torso, mustache, and number of legs. The color of the wings helps to be bright or, conversely, invisible. Let us make our own bugs craft for preschool. Making crafts with your own hands from paper is wonderful creativity. Not only bright flowers but also representatives of the animal world, including insects, look spectacular and original


Preschool bugs crafts made of beads can become a beautiful brooch for an adult if you attach a pin to it or an indispensable toy for a child. Creating a dragonfly from wire and beads is very simple and does not take much time.

Necessary materials for insect craft for preschool.

• 2 large beads;

• 4 medium-sized beads for the tail;

• 5 g each of white, blue, and purple beads;

• wire.

Instruction manual:

1) We start with the wings of our bug preschool crafts. We take the wire and thread 2 purple beads on it.

2) We pass the end of the working thread through the beads one more time so that we get a loop.

3) Next, we string 2 blue and one purple bead, after which we begin to knit according to the following scheme.

4) Similarly, we perform the weaving of the second wing (it should be connected to the first), and then the second pair.

5) Take another thread of wire and start making a tail. We start at the end and move on to the part that connects to the torso.

6) We first collect two black threads, at the next level – 2 black and 1 purple, and so there is a constant increase in the number of purple threads at each level by one.

7) We take a wire; we thread one large bead on it. Then we bend it in half and already through both threads at once, we pass large beads of 5-6 pieces. The last one should be made in a different color – it will be the head.

8) At the end, we divide the threads, put one bead (eyes) on each of them. We fasten the threads and cut off the ends with scissors. Therefore, we have bug crafts for preschool.

9) Attach the wings made between the dark beads to the base of the dragonfly.

Dragonflies with a long body and a round head are also made of paper. From a rectangular strip, an accordion is folded, and the same holes are made in the folds with a hole punch. A plastic cocktail tube is threaded through the holes. They glue white wings and ahead with toy eyes


Insect craft preschool crafts for children made of paper and other materials. Various techniques and original ideas are used.

Butterfly Accordion

bugs craft for preschool

Thanks to the paper folded in a small fold, an interesting structural volume is created, beautiful and original butterfly wings. The technique of insect preschool crafts is popular; crafts made of paper with an accordion are often used in children’s creativity.

Paper Cone Butterfly

preschool bugs crafts

Very light insects preschool crafts. At the heart of the butterfly is a cone, plus a simple head with wings. A great solution for classes with children, useful and interesting work. A good option for spring crafts and summer ones.

Origami Butterfly

insect craft for preschool

Origami is not always an easy task for children. However, following the detailed description, you will definitely get insects crafts for preschool. Origami butterflies are very beautiful, look colorful and joyful when using colored paper of different colors. An interesting option is also preschool insect crafts made of decorative origami paper with a pattern

Various Ladybugs

Ladybugs are another popular bug preschool craft. Thanks to the beautiful red and black colors, ladybugs immediately attract attention and are liked by children. A selection of different ideas includes works in various techniques: from paper strips, circles of paper that contribute to the volume of the shell, cone, paper rolls, in the origami technique, from chenille wire.

For our creativity, egg trays are useful. For one insect, you need one cell, which must be carefully cut off from the general part. For the ladybug, you will need red acrylic paint, a black marker, and a black pom, as well as a piece of chenille wire. To the body, you first need to glue the antennae, then the head and eyes for toys. Then draw the characteristic round spots on the wings.

Making Ladybugs

preschool bug crafts

All children love and know ladybugs, so everyone will want to make such a bug crafts preschool. There are many options for making this insect – much depends on the complexity of the execution. The simplest type will be a ladybug on a leaf with movable wings.

Work steps:

1. Cut circles out of black paper: 1 large-the trunk; 2 smaller – the head; 5-6 small dots on the wings.

2. Cut out 2 circles of the same size as the torso from the red paper.

3. From the white one-prepare 2 circles of the same size as the points on the wings.

4. On a cardboard sheet, glue a large circle-the torso.

5. On either side, stick a smaller figure of the same color closely together. It is ahead.

6. Fold the red circles in half. Glue to the body so that the second part is freely located above the base.

7. Each bug crafts preschool wing should be decorated with black dots in any order.

8. Stick white circles on your head and draw black dots on them with a felt-tip pen.

9. Additionally, draw the antennae.

Bug From A Plastic Bottle

You can create preschool bug crafts with your own hands in the form of bees or large bugs from a completely plastic container. Its surface is decorated in various techniques: taped with napkins, painted, and placed inside sequins or beads. They make antennae by attaching them to the neck of the bottle. You can also make a muzzle by pasting eyes and drawing a smile.

Volumetric Application Of A Bug

Bugs and spiders do not always cause delight, because rarely any of them can boast of an attractive and even cuter appearance. The same cannot be said about paper bugs.

To make these bugs craft preschool you will need the following materials:

  • double-sided colored paper
  • green cardboard sheet
  • scissors
  • black marker
  • glue

To make the insect preschool craft body, fold a piece of colored paper in half, then open it back up and cut along the folded line. Then take the two pieces and fold them in half again. You can fold a long bug body in length or fold a wide bug body in width

Then insert the two folded pieces into each other like pages in a book. On the top side of the folded paper, draw a semicircle, oval, or rectangle, depending on what shape you want for the bug’s body. The folded edge will be the center of your bug. Cut all four layers of paper at the same time along the drawn line. Open the cut pieces and you should get two identical shapes. Fold again along the crease and place the two halves next to each other so that the two creases touch.

Cut out the legs of the bug and the shape of the head from the black thick paper. Glue the legs under each part of the body and glue the head to both parts, holding the two parts together. Draw the eyes on the top of your bug’s head.

To make a sheet on which the bug will sit, fold a sheet of green colored paper lengthwise in half and draw half the shape of the sheet, starting with the folded edge. Cut out the shape and open it to reveal a symmetrical sheet!

For the reliability of the preschool bug craft base, it is better to use green cardboard for making the sheet.

You can try all kinds of different shapes. Then glue the underside of your bug to the leaf. Use the markers to decorate your bug!

Bug Crafts Preschool

Printable images of insects on the printer or take a ready-made picture from a coloring book. Choose the appropriate color for each bug, color and cut out the picture. For paws and whiskers, you will need chenille wire. Bend six legs from three sticks, and two antennae from a black piece, glue them on the side of the abdomen.

Insects can be made from colored paper by gluing together individual parts. The torso should be symmetrical and have a longitudinal bend in the middle. Each additional part is cut out in two copies, glued over the body. From below, a wooden stick supports the figure – now the craft can be used for children’s games.


The cockroach, a favorite craft of many, is made on the same principle as bugs, with the addition of six legs. A simplified version of the origami cockroach can be made according to the previous template, but adding a long mustache, rounding, and stretching the body (more bending the corners on the sides).

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