Inside Games For Kids: What Kids Like Play At Home?

active indoor games for preschoolers

Now we can say that Covid-19 has changed the rules of the game. Boys and girls stopped playing outside (even more than usual). Playgrounds are empty, kids start annoying and distracting adults, remaking rooms such as kitchen, bedroom, living room into locations for their battleground! What will be destroyed first, your mind or furniture? It will be neither one nor the other if you read our article to know some active indoor games for preschoolers.

Are your kids are bouncing off the walls already? It’s the perfect time to get your imagination working! We have collected the best indoor active games for kids. Continue reading our special activity list below.

Whatkidslike List of Games For Kids to Play Inside

inside games for kids

Jumping or Fall Guys Simulation?

Really! Stimulate the children to make a jumping tournament. Simply, ask how far and how high they can jump for a special prize? If you want to make more up-to-date copies of some locations from the popular game Fall Guys, propose the kids of neighbors join you and make a real tournament! If you want to go a short way, let the kids jump on the bed on one special day of the week, for example, on Sunday. It is a perfect example of one of the games for kids inside.

Escape From the Forest

The next bright example of adjusting the idea of the game called The Forest is to perform an imaginary adventure for kids where they should escape from the forest (from the living room to the hall) and don’t get caught by tribesmen, witches, or wild predators (you and wife or other kids). Add extra decorations that will make your story sound realistic. You can create some other locations for indoor running games for kids.

Land, Sea, Air

This mild game demands listening and a line on the ground. Choose a place with a natural line or put a tiny piece of tape on the floor. Make the following naming:

  • in front of the line as the sea;
  • behind the line as land;
  • jumping directly up as air.

Let the kids catch your way. Tell the commands land, sea, and air in no distinct order. If the children make a slip command them to do several jumping jacks and try over again.

Huckle Buckle Beanstalk

This is one of the active indoor games for kids like Hiding and Seek, but in this game, you are not hiding yourself, but make the whole idea to find a hidden object. Hide your secret object somewhere in the apartments or in one room. Give your kids to feel like Dora or Indiana Jones!

Have the children search through the house to find the object with their hands behind their back.

Also, when they finally discover the position of the object, fastly tell Huckle Buckle Beanstalk. After it, you should move forward with kids on the couch. The game ends when all players will find the object.


Get inventive with house objects to form a basketball and hoop. You may apply a wadded piece of paper and laundry basket or trash can + ball made of socks. Basketball and similar ones are children’s games to play inside or outside. We have a cool article about what you can play with a ball. You can read our TOP-5 basketball games here.

Thank you for reading our article on Whatkidslike! We have more outside and inside games for children. Have fun with your kids and stay safe! Don’t forget to read our other articles!

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