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Review of the Top 4 Most Popular Interactive Globe for Kids and Students

Interactive globe for kids is a great tool for fun learning and exploring the planet. Your child will definitely not remain indifferent to completing the lessons after such a wonderful purchase. The difference between such a globe from others is that it contains educational programs that will themselves tell and explain the material to the child, these audio recordings are played through the speaker, the child can touch, watch, listen and learn in such a funny way. There are also learning globes models, that you can connect to your computer and update the globe data with newer ones. Manufacturers on the market present globes not only in the form of the planet Earth but also of the starry sky. Let’s take a look at the list of the most popular and best leapfrog interactive globes in different quality and price ranges.

1. Oregon Scientific Adventure AR

interactive kids globe

Country: USA (made in China)

Average price: $ 120

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The second place in the top of learning globes is worthy of your attention no less than the first. You may initially be scared off by the rather high price, but it is fully justified. Let’s figure out what a number of qualities this globe has.

Interactive kids learning globe will be able to give your child an exciting journey into the world of geography. This globe is suitable for both small children 5 years of age and schoolchildren, who want to discover our planet Earth. The globe will acquaint the child in detail with the main attractions of each country, delve into the world of animals and tell in what environment they live, from forests to oceans. Your child will also be able to learn about the history of countries, their national currencies, and languages.

A special feature of this interactive learning globe is the smartpen. In order to learn something new about a place that you are interested in, you need to point the pen at it, and it will tell you everything.

Another difference between this globe from the rest of the interactive globes for kids – is the recording of 19 educational programs. Your child will be able to independently choose the program of interest on the globe panel, listen and study. You can independently replenish the list of programs by connecting the globe to a computer and going to the manufacturer’s website. There is also augmented reality, which can be seen by connecting the globe to a smartphone.

The Oregon Scientific Interactive Globe allows you to explore your home region in more detail by using a pull-out geographic map. In addition, an interactive magazine is included.

If you go online and read reviews about this learning globe with pen, then absolutely all users were delighted with its quality and functionality and consider it one of the best.

2. Oregon Scientific SG18-11

kids learning globe

Country: USA (made in China)

Average price: $ 70

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Wonderful interactive learning globe. It is interesting because if you turn it on during the day, it will show the children our planet Earth, and if you turn on the backlight, the globe will immediately transform into the night sky and you will see a map consisting of 88 luminous constellations. This globe has an augmented reality function, thanks to which the child can use a smartphone or tablet and learn new things. The globe will tell you about continents, countries, attractions, climate, animals, dinosaurs, cultures. It is suitable for all age categories, from toddlers to schoolchildren, everyone will be interested! Also, in addition to built-in lighting and augmented reality, you can find stories, constellation stories, and geographic facts.

Such a multifunctional model will appeal to a child of any age because it is so interesting to explore our wonderful world. This category of interactive kids globes will also help in learning and make the process fun and entertaining. If you want to interest your child in geography and show the wonders of the world – feel free to buy such a globe! Children learn with great pleasure and love to look at the constellations.

3. Vtech 80–065226

interactive globes for kids

Country: China

Average price: $ 60

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Let’s take a look at another great option from this list of kids’ interactive globes, with which your child can travel to any country and get to know nature better. The presentation of information is specially designed to be perceived by even the smallest. Thanks to this globe, the child will be able to find out the names of continents and countries, their location, main attractions, and interesting places to visit. The globe will even be able to reproduce the national melody of the country. Travel with such a wonderful learning globe for kids and gain new knowledge. Such a globe can definitely win the attention of your child and captivate him with entertaining games.

Of the convenient and additional devices on the interactive globe, there is an airplane with a magnifying glass, with the help of which children can fly around countries thanks to a special joystick. You can fly anywhere on our planet!

The simpler the information presented, the easier it is for a young child to remember it. A colorful educational globe will awaken children’s interest in learning, help them get basic knowledge of the location of continents and countries, their main attractions, historical buildings, and national melodies. The journey, combined with the acquisition of new knowledge, will greatly captivate the youngest children thanks to the presentation in a playful way. The interactive globe has an airplane with a magnifying glass, which children can control with a special joystick.

In the reviews to the line of such learning globes for kids, parents say that the globe is of excellent quality and is suitable for children from 3 years old.

4. Smart Globe Adventure SG268RX

learning globe for kids

Country: USA

Average price: $ 80

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Welcome to the journey! Exploring the world has never been so much fun! Use the smartpen to learn more about continents, capitals, populations, geography, and the history of countries around the world. The new learning globe for kids has built-in augmented reality functionality that makes exploring our incredible world a fun game.

4000 learning topics, 220 countries to learn, 19 games to play.

And if you install the special Smart Globe application on your tablet or smartphone, you will be able to enjoy a realistic image of the world. To use the line of learning globes for kids, you need to install the application in AppStore or Google Play. Learning globe with pen games contributes to the development of a child’s all-around erudition and improves visual memory. Through a variety of interactive learning activities, the child will be given the opportunity to conduct their own independent research.

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