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Interesting Facts about LEGO

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LEGO is one of the leaders in toy manufacturing. Here are some interesting facts related to this manufacturer.

In 2013, more than 55 billion LEGO cc’s were sold worldwide, more precisely 5 5,239,989,747 parts. That’s more than 6 million parts per hour daily during the year. A total of 15 sets were sold every second during the year, and this number rises up to 50 sets per second before Christmas.

Fast Company magazine presented the rating of the TOP 10 innovative companies in consumer electronics. LEGO won 8th place and the award “for changing the way you play” with LEGO MINDSTORMS EV 3. The top ten also include such companies as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Sony.

Guiding founded by Lord Baden Powell is an alternative to the scouting movement for boys. The members of this movement are girls. Today, Guiding unites over 10 million people in 145 countries. The Guiding Club in West Sussex, UK, celebrated its 100th anniversary with a cake made of 55,000 LEGO cubes. The cake also had 100 candles, also made of cubes. The diameter of the cake was 2.5 meters.

Lego Star Wars Super Star Destroyer was assembled in 10 minutes. And that’s a world record. Williams College students from the United States, who studied mathematics with LEGO design, spent several weeks figuring out how to assemble this model in the best possible way. Eventually, the students assembled the Super Star Destroyer in 10 minutes, 21 seconds.

Five girlfriends in the LEGO Friends series are very popular with customers. In 2013, the girlfriends took gold, silver, and bronze in the category “TOP 10 Best Selling Products”. The prizes were awarded to such sets as City Pool 41008, Cruise ship 41015, and Olivia 3315.

Today the USA, Russia, Germany, Great Britain, and France are the largest sales leaders of LEGO products.

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