It Is International Mother’s Day Today. Don’t Forget to Compliment Your Mum


Hey, kiddos. Today, the 9th of May, International Mother’s Day 2021 is celebrated. So don’t forget to congratulate your lovely mother and present a gift on this wonderful occasion.

Did you know that more than 20 countries all around the world, such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Turkey, Japan, Brazil, and Australia annually celebrate this holiday on the second Sunday in May. That is why most likely, it is a day off and your mother doesn’t have to work.

Wake up early today in order to have enough time to prepare a tasty breakfast and serve it right in bed. Delicious food is always a good idea and your beloved mother will be touched by such a surprise. Making breakfast on your own is great, but if you are not too good at cooking you can also bring your mother’s favorite cakes, fruits, and flowers. Shy will definitely remember this wonderful morning and congratulation you organized yourself.

What’s more, you can ask for help from your dad and perform a real surprise. Call your mom and mysteriously inform her that you are waiting for her at an unusual place, for example in the park, at a certain time. She will certainly be excited, and for good reason. When you meet her, give her flowers and say how much you love her.

Do you know that mom has long wanted to make a large purchase? Take her to the desired store and there put it before the fact: I want to give you this! Mom will deny it in every possible way, but you must be firm! For mom, I do not mind anything.

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