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Is TikTok Safe for Kids? The Main Pitfalls and Danger

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We are not sure that a person exists who has never heard about TikTok. But for those who have heard and didn’t understand what it is, we will explain. TikTok is a popular video service where people can shoot short clips and share them with other Tik Tok users. Usually, such videos last for 15 or 60 seconds, so it’s very important to have time to shoot everything and do it in an original (creative) way. This video platform has over 500 million active users from all over the world and has overtaken even everyone’s favorite Instagram.

But that’s not what we’re talking about now. Schoolchildren and teenagers aged 13 to 17 years are the target audience. And as you guessed, they all can’t imagine their lives without funny videos and likes. In other words, all who use this application admit that they are addicted and don’t notice how time passes online. It is frightening, of course.

Influence of TikTok for kids

We all need information and children are no exception. But you understand how difficult it is to make a child read at least one book in six months or at least read their homework. Few people like to read or listen to long reads and we want to see and understand everything as soon as possible. TikTok is quite good at doing this. The clip, which lasts for 15 seconds, does not take much time and attracts attention with funny movements or a memorable melody. This scheme of psychological addiction is simple: we see a funny performance, want to repeat the action, and then get a reward. This all causes positive emotions and stimulates the production of feel-good hormones (endorphins). Our brain remembers how to get a portion of pleasure (positive) and wants to repeat this action again. This is how a habit or addiction appears – you can call it what you want.

It is also so easy – download the application, create an account and just flip through all the videos in a row. The minimum of movements and the maximum dose of pleasure.

Why is TikTok bad?

why is tiktok bad

If this application is most often used by children, it does not mean that there is only innocuous content. Therefore, there is no guarantee that your child will be protected from the adult video (sexual abuse) or will not become a member of a delusional challenge. Some arguments on whether it is TikTok safe for kids:

  • You can not filter video content.
  • You may become a victim of Internet bullying.
  • Pedophiles and other perverts may be interested in you (to be your subscriber), follow you, and look for meetings.
  • Challenges of different nature.
  • Sexual content.

And if you still have doubts “Is TikTok dangerous?” – Yes, it is dangerous. And we will explain why.

In 2019 there was a popular Challenge (you’re sure you want to do this little girl) where people showed how their appearance changed a few years later. And as if that wasn’t bad enough teenagers didn’t show their passport data which fraudsters can use. Because not everyone did it carefully and did not close the confidential information.

Another reason is a child’s desire to be an adult. There are a lot of videos where girls and women admire their bodies and show it to all users in Tiktok. Children understand that this is popular and try to repeat these actions on camera. So the twerking of a 12-year-old girl it’s a true story. And this is not the saddest consequence yet.

Your children can be easy victims of maniacs and pedophiles. They can earn the trust easily, introduce themselves as your fan, “like” your publications, but you can see ahead how such attention can end.

Is TikTok dangerous?

why tik tok dangerous

The answer is obvious, of course, it’s dangerous. It is not clear at the present time if TikTok has access to your personal data (your location, mobile device identifiers, and mobile operator data). In fact, the government of the application developer can own our data and pass it on to other companies. Everything can be.

Take care of yourself and your information space!

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