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Is Your Child Interested in Science and Technology? How to Make a Robot for Kids

Ever wondered how to make a simple robot from your own home? Well, these tiny bots are not exactly robots per se, all you will need are a few parts to start your activity. They are not real robots because they do not have chips and sensors or decision-making abilities. These robots kids can make and are for complete beginners.

Even with that being said, I’m sure this will keep your kiddo and you busy for a while. If you are interested in a more straightforward way to go about this task, you can order a kid’s robot kit online. That way you won’t need to collect the parts yourself.

Educators often talk about how an early introduction to STEM, will lay a strong foundation for future study. Robots are popping up everywhere in our lives nowadays, introducing your child now will boost interest and experience with the matter. We have officially reached an age where making mini-robots at home is totally feasible.

Making and designing your own simple robot at home will be a great experience as well as memorable. Where do you even begin you ask? Let’s go through it together, keep scrolling to find out more.

robots made by kids

So you’ve searched into google, how to make an easy robot for kids. This bristle bot is the first one you will often see. It is great for kids and you can of course turn it into a character by decorating it as you go! Start by cutting off the head of an old toothbrush. Then attach a mini motor that will be powered by a coin cell battery.

Items you will need for the Bristlebot

  • Head of a toothbrush
  • Mini vibrating motor
  • Double-sided tape, or regular tape
  • Two pipe cleaners
  • One battery
  • Googly eyes or decoration of choice
  • Scissors

Start by cutting or sawing off the head of your toothbrush. Place a small piece of sticky tape on the flat side without bristles. Attach your motor with the sticky tape, make sure to allow space for the rotating arms to move and spin. One of the wires sticking out of the motor should be placed in the middle of the tape.

Place your battery on top of it and make sure the markings are facing up not facing the toothbrush. Check your connection with the wires, if it works the arms of the motor should start to spin. Place two little pieces of pipe cleaner in between your battery and motor to look like feet. Now go for your googly eyes. There you have it, once all your connections are in the right place you should have a walking little monster called the Bristlebot.

Another simple robot for kids is the Mini Bug Robot. You may be concerned as you engage in this activity with your kids, but as long as you have all the little parts required there is nothing to worry about. Most robots made by kids just need a bit of planning in advance. This robot works similarly to the bristle bot.

These are the items you will need to make it

simple robot for kids
  • A clothespin
  • A vibrating motor
  • A set of LED lights for the eyes or googly eyes will also work
  • A battery
  • A few paper clips

Place your vibrating motor in between the clamping part of your clothespin. Glue your eyes to the sides of your device. Now take your paper clips and unfold them. Attach your paper clips like legs to your robots. Follow the picture diagram as needed. Now attach your motor wires to your battery with tape. Secure in place both the battery and motor as need with glue and double-sided sticky tape.

If you’re curious about how to make a robot at home for kids, I highly recommend using Youtube as your tool as well. There you will be able to find man step-by-step processes of how to make your mini robot! Go for it and don’t forget to get creative.

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