Ice Cream Month: National Ice Cream Month History, National Ice Cream Month 2021, And Ice Cream Month 2021, Which Cannot Be Missed

What Month Is National Ice Cream Month? The Most Delicious Month Of July Is National Ice Cream Month

national ice cream month 2021

What month is National Ice Cream Month? The hottest second month of summer is the time of this holiday, but to celebrate the day itself, you need to wait for July 15. Now we will learn about the features of this event and how to spend this time unforgettable.

National Ice Cream Month History

national ice cream month history

Walter De Huddleston approved July as the month of this holiday, and on July 15, he appointed the holiday itself. With the approval of Ronald Reagan, this holiday became official in 1984, and ice cream month has reached our days. The official approval is the main difference from other holidays dedicated to food.

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How to Celebrate Ice Cream Month 2021

july ice cream month

Gather your friends to have fun in the National ice cream month 2021 buy ice cream and have fun. For example, ice cream can be sprinkled with dried cranberries or cherries. Some dried sour berries; will perfectly emphasize the chocolate. Raisins are perfect for regular ice cream, but crème Brulee goes well with soft prunes. Even for such ice cream, a brownie is considered a good combination.

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Main Events of National Ice Cream Month 2021

july national ice cream month

Arrange Your Own Fun

tastes. Put them on the table and let everyone choose what he likes best. You can mix tastes and get something new! Such a party will definitely be the most delicious and fun.

Try new tastes and as much as possible

If you see a new taste of ice cream – do not pass by and be sure to try it. Make a list of July is national ice cream month and write down the cold treat that you want to try. Please yourself with new tastes and cool emotions. Try more than 5-10 tastes and identify the most favorite. Enjoy every day together with the most delicious ice cream.

Make Your Taste

Create your own ice cream flavor in July ice cream month. Find a variety of ways to make ice cream, show imagination, and improve them to make your cold treat. If you have the equipment to create ice cream, then it is generally a small matter, just mix everything you want and enjoy. If you do not have special equipment, you can find many easy and fast ways to make delicious ice cream. Do not be afraid to try to fantasize. Everything is in your hands!

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Ice Cream With Your Own Hands At Home

july is national ice cream month

Today, there are many recipes and technologies, simple and complex, manually or with the use of special equipment. We offer a simple way to quickly prepare a delicious and nutritious delicacy at home

Necessary products:

  • cream-500 ml (fat content of at least 30%);
  • vanilla sugar

Step 1

Using a mixer, beat the cream with vanilla sugar in a pre-cooled container, increasing the whipping speed. You can add a little thickener if the process fails. If the resulting mass does not pour out of the inverted dishes, the goal is achieved.

Step 2

Transfer the mass to a plastic container or distribute it into molds and cover it with food wrap.

Step 3

Leave the product in the freezer for 10 hours, and then enjoy the delicate taste.

Delicious Varieties of Ice Cream

what month is national ice cream month

Dipped Ice Cream

The peculiarity of this soft ice cream is that after cooking it and placing it in the horn. It is dipped in hot chocolate before your eyes and sprinkled with nuts or jam if you want. Despite the fact that it is extremely inconvenient to eat it, because the chocolate cracks and falls off, the dessert is very popular in hot weather.


Frozen dessert differs from the usual one in that it is always served in an inedible glass in the form of balls, which are poured not only with chocolate or caramel sauce but also with berry jam.

Frozen Custard

The main product here is no milk or cream. An unusually creamy taste and thick consistency are obtained due to a large percentage of milk fats in the composition and the addition of yolk.


Sorbet is ideal for those who watch their figure or do not tolerate lactose contained in ordinary ice cream. The fact is that in the traditional version, sorbet is prepared only from frozen fruit or berry purée without cream or milk.


It is a frozen yogurt sold not only in coffee shops and restaurants but also on the street literally at every step. The main ingredient is natural yogurt made based on milk with the addition of fruit purée or sugar.

We believe that ice cream day is a great opportunity to escape from the heat and try different ice cream every day. After all, this is an indispensable treat on a hot day. It is worth showing a little imagination and a great mood will be with you every day. Have parties, try new tastes, and create your own tastes.

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