Banning Junk Food In Schools Pros And Cons – Fast Food At School. Good Or Bad?

The history of fast food begins back in 1921 in America. The first dish related to the fast-food section is a hamburger. At that time, it could be bought for 5 cents. Delicious and inexpensive food attracted many people, but ever since then, consumers have begun to think about the benefits and harms of such dishes.

Fast food. The food is prepared quickly, as tasty as possible, as beautiful as possible. Food that is designed to satisfy your hunger in a matter of minutes. Everyone knows that it is harmful, but they continue to use it. Let’s try to understand junk food in schools pros and cons

Speaking about the future of our children, we are ready to spend hours discussing intellectual development, school programs, and pedagogical methods, losing sight of the most important thing — health. In fact, we remember it when something has already gone wrong, and the child, exhausted by education, suddenly gives out an allergy or something chronic. However, you just need to ban junk food in schools, pros, and cons to help you withstand training loads.

How Is Junk Food Good For You?

Fast food has a negative effect on the body of children. Such foods can negatively affect not only the physical health of children: a high percentage of fast food in the child’s diet can reduce his learning ability.

Why Junk Food Is Good for You?

benefits of eating junk food

We have three basic innate taste preferences. The first is sweet. This taste comes into our lives from the first day with mother’s milk. Glucose in carbohydrates provides nutrition to the brain, which is certainly important.

The second component is salt. It is also vital for the body to maintain the water-electrolyte balance.

The third — fat as a reserve of energy and nutrients that allow you to last until the next meal. Since all three components are necessary for our survival, the brain classifies them as “delicious”.

Food with a lot of fat, sugar, and salt is subjectively perceived as delicious food and has the health benefits of junk food. All food production is based on this understanding of physiological and biological mechanisms.

Pros And Cons Of Junk Food

junk food in schools pros and cons

Fast food always contains a lot of fat, sugar, and salt. In addition, not enough full-fledged protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. For example, one pack of chips contains a daily allowance of salt for a teenager. By eating this way regularly, we replace other food without getting enough nutrients, which means that we contribute to an imbalance in the body.

Another disadvantage of junk food is the aspect of fast food — it almost does not need to be chewed. When you eat fast, the feeling of fullness does not have time to form. A person eats a daily calorie allowance at a time, without even realizing that he is full. The same problem with liquid calories from sodas. In addition, a huge load on the pancreas, forced to process excess sugar.

In general, sugar should be less than 10% of the daily caloric content of the diet. With a diet of 2,000 kcal, sugar should not fall out to more than 200 kcal, that is, 50 g (ten teaspoons). Only one glass of sweet soda contains 5-6 teaspoons of sugar. However, this is usually not the only source of sweetness in the day.

When eating at home, when you put one teaspoon of sugar in porridge and two in tea, you are unlikely to exceed the norm.

Positive Effects Of Fast Food

Undoubtedly, fast food has its advantages.

Positives of fast food: No Hunger

It is fast. Fast food is a portion of very fast food to prepare.

Junk food is good and it’s delicious

Due to the taste enhancers, fast food seems to be the best treat in the world.

Why is Junk Food Good? Smells Good!

It is a wonderful smell, a crunch, a pop. However, do not forget that this is just a trick of our sense of smell.

Good Things about Junk Food: You Feel Happy

This is happiness. Fast food causes a rush of joy and a sense of happiness, at the time of meals, due to fast carbohydrates, causing a rapid release of glucose into the blood.

Benefits of junk food: Cheap

It is cheap. Therefore, it may seem to you, but at the price of fast food, you will not be cheaper than a package with natural fruits, vegetables, and meat.

Why Junk Food is Good? Quickly Quenches Hunger

Yes, hunger is satisfied quickly, and the feeling of satiety will come quickly but do not forget that in half an hour you will want to eat again

Benefits of Eating Junk Food: Lovely Look

It is beautiful. Fast food looks extremely appetizing, which makes us look and buy this product.

The pros are obvious, but the cons are rather in the underwater part of the “fast food iceberg”

Cons Of Junk Food

  • Causes premature aging.
  • Soda is not absorbed properly and settles in the form of fat deposits.
  • The disadvantages of junk food lead to a lack of vitamins, disrupts the metabolism, as a result of obesity.
  • Trans fats, which later settled on the walls of our blood vessels.
  • Junk food disadvantages – this is an increased calorie content, lunch in any fast food will cost you the daily norm of calorie consumption not always fresh products. Cutlets, buns, French fries and much more can be stored in the store for a long time before it gets into your hands.
  • These (often)-unsanitary conditions. Since the continuous cooking process does not always allow you to comply with the necessary sanitary standards.
  • Separately, we will talk about sauces, which are abundantly watered with fast food. They again contain both fast carbohydrates and harmful fats. And they are also not made from natural products (for example, ketchup is not made from fresh tomatoes, and mayonnaise is not made from natural yolks).
  • Fast food is usually washed down with sweet soda, which is inherently detrimental to the entire digestive process.

Banning junk food in schools pros and cons

junk food disadvantages

The topic of junk food is very controversial. It causes controversy whenever it is mentioned. The argument against junk food gets a lot of support from health experts. This is primarily because they have conducted extensive research on the effects of junk food on adolescents; therefore, they are justifiably opposed to the consumption of junk food. In addition, parents started asking “is junk food good for you? In addition, be aware of the harms and benefits of teenagers ‘ eating habits; however, they do not have a good method to keep teenagers from eating junk food. On the other hand, teenagers like to eat junk food, and they are largely influenced by what their peers do. Even images of fat people do not discourage them from eating junk food at school, at home, or in a restaurant.

What Is the Threat of Regular Fast Food?

Of course, with the rare use of fast food, there will be no special harm to the body, but if you eat fast food every day, you can identify problems

– The endocrine system (threatens to become obese);

– Negative changes in the hormonal background;

– Violation of the gastrointestinal tract (gastrointestinal tract);

– Pancreas (problems with insulin production, risk of diabetes);

– Liver and kidneys;

– Dental problems;

– Insomnia and frequent migraines;

– Formation of cholesterol plaques, blood clots.


Any food can be delicious if you put the right seasoning in it. In fast-food restaurants, as well as in fast food products, be it chips, crackers, carbonated drinks; very often use a mixture of seasonings, which contain flavor enhancers, such as monosodium glutamate, as well as preservatives that allow you to extend the shelf life of products. Not the fact that in the early morning you eat a fresh burger, most likely, it is made from yesterday’s unrealized leftovers.

How to Eat Fast and Healthy?

It is best to take care of the meal in advance. Take a container from home with a cutlet, a piece of meat, and/or vegetables. Also, for a snack on the go, fruits and nuts are perfect, which are convenient to take with you. It is delicious, satisfying, and healthy.

Note that fast food is addictive, and sometimes it is not so easy to give up your favorite, but harmful dishes. However, they can be prepared at home using healthy products. Here are some examples of such dishes.

  • French fries are easily replaced with baked sweet potato slices.
  • The burger can be made from a whole-grain bun, pieces of boiled or grilled turkey, and the sauce is not so difficult to make yourself from sour cream, garlic, and herbs.
  • Also, instead of burgers, we offer a dish of finely chopped baked meat with vegetables and homemade mayonnaise.
  • Fry the nuggets with a minimum amount of breadcrumbs and in useful oil (grapeseed)
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