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Kids Homework: Solar System Project for School

Having a hard time completing that school assignment? Let’s work together and find how to make a model of the solar system.

How many times has your child left his or her homework until the last minute and you’ve just done it yourself? Seems like a perpetual recurring event. Pulling an all-nighter and hot gluing your fingers together! Let’s talk about some creative solutions for completing these cumbersome tasks together with your child. Solar system projects for kids are usually time-consuming and tedious. They involve collecting many small parts, gluing them together, and ensuring that you are configuring it in a way that is correct to the facts. Let us show you a step-by-step way to put together a homemade solar system project for kids. The simplest way to do this is definitely not by leaving this assignment for your child to do alone.

How to make your own solar system

solar system planets for kids project

You may ask, how to make your own solar system? Easier said than done. Take a look at this instructional guide to aid your school project. Oftentimes making a homemade diorama will end up in overwhelm and tears. I can remember from my days in elementary school, it was always a nightmare to sit myself down and put these projects together alone. Here we will also talk about how to make A solar system for a school project. Many times the teacher has requested how this assignment is done. Build your own solar system model step by step with the links we have placed below. Keep reading and we hope to help relieve your stress with this tedious task.

As a parent, it’s interesting how many times you’re faced with the dilemma of either stepping in and doing your child’s homework, or allowing them to go at it on their own. I find it the hardest to see their struggle. I want my child to understand that it is okay to fail and learn from their mistakes. At the same time, I want their confidence to grow by seeing their successes. Finding the balance can be tricky, feel free to leave a comment down below on how you manage this dilemma.

How to make a solar system model for kids?

Let us show you how

  1. Start by finding yourself a cardboard box that is big enough to position all nine planets. I advise at least the size of a men’s shoe box.
  2. Place newspaper to protect your working space, and commence painting the walls of your box black. If you prefer you can use black paper in the shape of your box, go right ahead.
  3. Gather your styrofoam balls, all in variant sizes. Make sure you have a variety of colors on hand. Such as; red, gold, yellow, orange, white, and dark blue. Next, skewer with your wooden stick into one of the styrofoam balls, and paint this one yellow like the sun. This ball should be the largest you have. Set this aside to dry. You might need two layers of paint on your styrofoam balls, to get into all the nooks and crannies.
  4. Next paint two balls that are around medium sizes, like Saturn and Jupiter. Paint Jupiter in a swirl of red, white, and orange. You will need to paint Saturn pale yellow, using white to dilute the color as needed.
  5. The next two planets are Uranus and Neptune. Paint Uranus in a pale blue to imitate its cloudy exterior. Neptune is similar to Uranus, just a darker blue, so no need to dilute the color with white.
  6. Next is the ring around Saturn, for this trace an outline from a cup onto construction paper. Attach to the exterior of your planet with glue.
  7. Next to the rocky planets, you can either continue with styrofoam or use clay instead. These planets will be Mercury, Earth, Venus, and Pluto. Each one has different coloring; Earth will be blue for now, Mercury is brownish, Venus pale yellow, and Pluto light brown.
  8. Now you need to poke a hole through the center of each rocky planet and set it to dry. This is where you will hang your planets up in your solar system.
  9. Once the clay has dried, follow the cooking instructions on the package of clay you purchased. Depending on if it’s air dry or not, set your oven to the indicated temperature.
  10. Once your clay has set it’s time to start painting! Set aside your rocky planets as well and get back to your black shoebox. Once your black paint has dried, using a finely tipped paintbrush or pen, add your starry night sky with white paint.
  11. For an extra slick finish, paint the exterior of your box black, and any leftover walls of the solar system.
  12. Now it’s time to assemble your whole solar system. Thread through each planet and secure in place with a hot glue gun. If you’re having a hard time attaching the planets to the box, try leaning it on its side. Make sure you have arranged your planets in the order below.
  • Sun
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Mars
  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Uranus
  • Neptune
  • Pluto
easiest way to make a solar system model

You may be asking yourself how to build your own solar system, well here you have it. If you are in dire need of help on your child’s homework assignment, definitely take a look at some youtube tutorials as well. If you would like to know how to make A solar system for kids, the information on this blog is also applicable. You can even simplify your criteria for the project. After you’ve completed the craft, you can use it as a child’s bedroom decoration. If you’re interested in doing this assignment in cooperation with your child, I recommend having all the requirements prepared in advance. A solar system OF planets AS A kid’s project can be a cumbersome homework assignment. Embrace your inner child, and get creative!

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