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Card Games For Kids With A Deck Of Cards – 9 Fun Card Games That Every Kid Will Like

Card Games For Kids

Card games for kids develop logical thinking, attention, and memory. This is a convenient and affordable material for conducting classes with kids. You can start being acquainted with the cards from the moment the child learns the concept of numbers and numbers. The very first games are the laying out of the simplest solitaire games and games with simple rules. Now we will look at several card games and learn how to play card games for kids.

Card Games for Kids with a Deck of Cards

Easy Card Games for Kids «Pigs»

Up to 13 people can play this game, but it is better if there are 3 to 6 players. Collect 4 cards of the same value for each player. Shuffle the cards and deal 4 to each player. Each player looks to see if he has 4 identical cards. If no one has, then each player passes one card that he does not need, face down to the player on the left. The players look at their cards again. If again no one has the same cards, then the players continue to pass cards until one has 4 identical cards. If someone has 4 cards, then instead of passing the cards on, he quickly makes a piglet, raising the tip of his nose with his finger. When other players notice the piglet, they should stop passing cards and do the same. Whoever is the last to make a piglet, distributes cards for the next game. 

Card Games for Two Kids “Make Noise!”

Deal each player 7 cards face down, and put the remaining cards in a pile face down. One of the players lays out one of his cards face up. The player to his left must play this card with his own card, which coincides with it in dignity or suit. If he cannot do this, he must take one card from the stack until he finds a suitable one and plays it. Then the next player on the left continues, and so on. The game ends when one of the players has no more cards left. If all the cards were taken from the stack before the end of the game, shuffle the played cards and use them until one of the players runs out of cards.

Playing Cards with Kids “Boom”

The first player is determined by drawing lots. The deck is carefully shuffled, removed, each player is dealt 7 cards, the remaining cards are placed in the center of the table with the picture down. Each player can view their cards. The game is started by the player to the left of the dealer, laying out any of his cards. The next player clockwise must put a card of the same suit or the same value on it. If the player does not have such a card, then he takes cards from the deck until he takes the right one. If the deck is over, the player must say: “Pass” and then the turn goes to another player. The player who gets rid of his cards first wins. He announces this by shouting “Boom”.

Wet Chicken

Wet Chicken is one of the best card games for kids. The cards are scattered in a pile on the table face down, at the very end one of the cards is placed horizontally on top of this slide, and a “hut” is installed on it from the other two cards leaning on top of each other. Players take turns pulling cards out of the pile so that the” hut” does not fall. The one who will fill up the “hut”loses. He will be a “wet chicken”.

How to Play Card Games with Kids “Giggeti, Jogetti, Jig”

This card game is for two kids or more. Deal the cards equally face down. Place the remaining cards face up in the middle of the table. The player holds his cards so that no one else can see them.

The player selects one card and puts it face-up on the table. The other player is looking for a card of the same suit on his own or in the remaining cards. If he finds it, he puts it on the table and shouts: “Giggeti! “ If not, the next player continues.

The next one, who finds a suitable card, lays it out and shouts: “jogetti!”. The next player who finds a card puts it down with a shout: “Jig!”. The tour ends. Jigger starts the next round. The winner is the one who runs out of cards first.

Steam Train

This game develops attention. We layout the cards from the deck one by one in a row. If the laid-out card matches in color with the one that lies one from it, then both of these cards are taken out, and the row closes again. Often, a shift by one card leads to a chain reaction of taking out cards throughout the previous row. Solitaire is considered established if the deck is over and all the cards, except the last two in the row, are taken out. This is a very rare case, so it is usually decided in advance that 3, or 4, or 5 cards in a row can remain.


How to Play Card Games with Kids

Any queen is taken out of the deck (only not the queen of spades). After that, all of it is completely distributed one by one to the players. The game itself goes like this – the players in the end throw out all the paired cards. You cannot throw off only the queen of spades. After everyone has got rid of the pairs, each player draws a card from the neighbor on the right. Again, they reset the pairs. This continues until all the cards are out of the game and only the loser remains with the queen of spades in his hands.

Solitaire «Klondike»

This is one of the playing cards with one child, which develops attention. We take out all the aces from the deck of cards and put them in a row. Then, in order, we take the cards from the deck, look at their suit and put them on the ace of the same suit, without paying attention to the value of the card. The goal of the game is to collect a deck by suit, starting with aces. This is a solitaire game for the youngest; the game develops the attention and logic of the kid.


This card game develops memory, logical and strategic thinking in children.

The game uses a deck of 36 cards and involves from 2 to 6 players. Everyone is dealt 6 cards, the next card is opened, and its suit sets the trump card for this game. The rest of the deck is placed on the top (with the closed side) so that the trump card is visible to everyone.

The player with the lowest trump card makes the move first. If the player under whom they are going has strayed, then the next move passes to him. First, all players get to 6 cards. If the player could not fight back, then he takes all the cards, and the next move is for the player on the left.

We believe that card games for children help to master counting, develop hand motor skills, increase attentiveness, improve memory, observation, and develop intelligence. Therefore, in this article, we found out what are some fun card games for kids that all children will definitely like.

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