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Reading Nook For Kids: Tips, And Ideas For Creating A Cozy Kid Reading Corner

Instill a love of books from childhood. Reading paper books develops imagination and creativity. The task of parents is to create a comfortable reading area for the child, where the kid’s reading nook will be pleasant. It is easy to organize a reading corner at home. You can place it in the children’s room or in the common living room, where the whole family gathers. Just add a bookcase, chair, or pillow for convenience. And here are some more kid reading corner ideas to make your child love books and read them very often.

Kids Reading Nook Ideas

child's reading nook
  • The place for reading books should be well lit. If there is not enough natural light, install additional lighting devices.
  • Make the corner multifunctional, so that children can not only read there but also play.
  • Make the area fun and attractive for the child with bright colors, unusual decor with images of favorite characters of books, inspiring inscriptions.
  • If the reading corner is organized in a room where the whole family gathers, then it will be used more often.
  • Place children’s books so that they are visible and accessible to the child.


First, choose a suitable location. You can understand the phrase “reader’s corner” literally and place it in the corner. The corner should be an area for reading and fun. Just put a chair in the corner and separate the corner from the rest of the room. Alternatively, put up a small tent. It is better if the corner is in the child’s own room or another room where he can be alone. After all, for example, the noise of the TV in the living room will interfere with the child. Alternatively, he just does not want to read even the most interesting book while the whole family is watching TV shows.

Reading nooks for kids should have plenty of space for parents to join in and sit with their children. It is important to choose a comfortable seat. So kids reading nooks for several hours, without constantly turning over from one side to the other in an attempt to find a suitable position.

In addition, some hang hammocks in the room. For many hours of reading, this is not the most convenient option, but it looks unusual, and the child will definitely be interested. Choose a larger chair (you also remember to leave a place in the corner for yourself). The chair is a bag (you will even have to read in it for several hours until your parents help you get out of this soft trap). Just put a bunch of pillows of different sizes in the corner, so that the child can arrange a place for himself every time.


Place shelves and shelves with books in the kid’s reading corner, so that your child does not have to run for a new book every time. Of course, you should not judge a book by its cover. Both literally and figuratively.

Buy shelves on which books can be placed with their covers facing forward. This will make it easier for the child to choose the next book. Take low racks, and screw the shelves closer to the floor.


Reading corners for kids should be closer to the window because it is better to read in natural light. You need to take care of other light sources for the evening. Garlands, nightlights, and LED strips look great in photos and create an atmosphere, but still, their light is not enough. Use them for decoration, but do not forget to put another simple lamp or floor lamp that will shine over the child’s head


You choose shelves, chairs, and floor lamps, but a child should lead the decoration of the corner. Hang posters with the characters of his favorite books, motivational inscriptions for book lovers, or a booking checklist in which the child will mark all the books he has read. Place stuffed toys and board games on the bookshelves. Complement the child’s reading nook with multi-layer rugs and soft cozy capes, as well as gorgeous ottomans that will allow children to sit comfortably with a literary work.

Reading Nook for Kids In the Play Tent

Kids and younger students will enjoy a cozy teepee or tent, where they can feel like real travelers in a fairy-tale world. For comfort, put a couple of pillows and a sheep’s skin in there. And don’t forget about the backlight! These kid reading nook ideas are suitable for a spacious children’s room. You can search for a tent in stores or make it yourself. However, it will also be a great ally in the games of children.

A Sofa for Reading by the Window in the Children’s Room

A variation on the theme of the previous kids reading corner ideas, especially liked by girls and young girls. On such a cozy sofa, you can read and watch what is happening outside the window. Parents are also happy: natural sunlight is the optimal illumination for vision. So if your nursery still has a free space by the window, and the size of the room allows you to install a sofa there — think about this option. Books can be placed on shelves or shelves at arm’s length. Alternatively, in the open shelves under the sofa (as in the previous version). Built-in wardrobes or shelves in a niche + a small sofa — ideal kids reading corners. This kid’s reading nook ideas is convenient because it copes with 2 tasks at once — placing books and a convenient reading corner.

Reading Corner Ideas

kids reading nook

Are there empty corners? Fill them with books and create a convenient place to read next to them! Just do not forget about the limiters for the shelves — books that have fallen on your head do not contribute to the development of artistic taste. Such a real reading corner can only include the actual reading space.

Add Curtains to Make Reading More Comfortable

It is difficult for children to concentrate when there are so many interesting things around them. To ensure that the young reader is not distracted from his favorite book, the kid reading corner is separated by curtains.

This is not a separate solution, but a pleasant addition to the place that you have already arranged for your child to read. Including-for the most ordinary chair. The budget is minimal; the size of the room does not matter.

Personal Reading Nook Kids for School Children

Kids are interested in being with their parents all the time, while schoolchildren usually seek solitude. If your child also strives for personal space, make a “loft” for him — a niche under the ceiling, where he can enjoy his favorite books alone. There you can place shelves with books or a child’s bed.

I think that kids reading corners is a great idea to make your child love reading. Kids are very fond of all sorts of nooks and crannies. And this love can be used to instill in them another love for reading

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