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Kids Soccer Game is the Best Choice

how to play soccer

Soccer is one of the best and favorite games among kids and adults. It is no wonder because it develops physical strength, agility, coordination, and even logical thinking. Kid’s soccer game helps to open hidden potential, entertains, unites, and teaches to work in pares and groups. That is why parents prefer this type of dame and teach their kids.

How to play soccer? At first, it is necessary to point, there is no exact age, as soon as your child starts walking and running you can play with a ball. Simple movements, kicking a ball without any features or details of the game will help to learn how to play soccer and give basic skills. Starting from the age of 3-4 years you can start to acquaint yourself with some simple rules. But don’t forget about combining theory with practice. You can watch training lessons, videos on the internet or TV, it will raise interest and desire.

If parents think about a professional coach it is necessary to wait till the age 5, 6, 7 years. Why not earlier? Because the level of the vocabulary, ability to percept the information, and physical strength are formed enough starting from this period.

Is soccer a contact sport? Yes, without any doubt, because there is a high probability of contact between players.

One more issue parents are interested in what to wear to a soccer game? There is a small and simple soccer equipment list. Soccer gear includes a special ball, an appropriate area for running and playing, sneakers, and a tracksuit. If we are talking about the sports section you need to make some purchases: special sports shoes with the sole for running on the grass, the best idea is 2 pairs of sneakers, sports shorts or pants, a T-shirt, sport shirt or sweatshirt. As you can mention, soccer equipment for kids is affordable and doesn’t require big money. The next vital question – what are the rules of soccer? In general, everything is quite simple and understandable.

Soccer rules for kids

soccer gear
  • The main aim is to score a goal in the gate of the opponent.
  • There are two teams on the field.
  • You can use different parts of your body in order to score a goal, except hands.
  • There is one player(goalkeeper) who has to stand on the gate. He is the only player who can touch the ball.
  • There are 2 parts of a game (each takes 45 minutes).
  • A break lasts 15 minutes.

It is critical to note – scoring a goal is very good, but sticking to the rules is of significance as well.

That is why there are some things that are forbidden

  • To hit or touch the opponent purposely.
  • Players cannot push, kick with legs, hands or the body.
  • To kick directly under the opponent’s feet.
  • If rules are ignored, a player or even his team can get a penalty.

Advantages or why is it necessary to choose soccer?

is soccer dangerous
  • It is very good for health, all muscles are engaged.
  • It improves endurance.
  • Children study to work in a team, communicate, understand and support each other
  • It helps to improve balance and movements.
  • It supplies blood with oxygen, because of physical activity.
  • Has a good impact on the cardiovascular system.

Who cannot play soccer?

Although it has a large number of advantages, according to certain medical evidence soccer can be forbidden. Diseases such as nearsightedness, asthma, problems with the cardiovascular system or musculoskeletal system, mental disorders. In this case, choose another and less active kind of sport.

Some parents are wondering: is soccer dangerous? Frankly speaking, each kind of sport has certain risks. But it is not a dangerous game, it depends on enforcing rules, human factors, the situation, and accidents.

Soccer tips

soccer tip

If your child keens on soccer, support this idea, explain, help, and spend more time with it. If you don’t have a professional coach, do not worry, cos your desire, ball, stadium, or field are able to realize this small dream. You can play together at the weekends, within some period of time your child will have good results. It should be noted that regular training is necessary. Soccer is a very popular kind of sport, it contributes to the all-round development of children. That’s the reason why parents want and try to join their child in exactly this game right away, as soon as the child is confident on his feet. Joint activity is very useful for small players. So, parents can be the first guides in this game. Soccer’s benefits can be observed from the above. It develops not only physical but mental abilities, provides teamwork, identifies leadership qualities, and develops logical thinking. It is the perfect option for active kids. Be attentive and help to grant their wishes.

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