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LEGO Minifigures History

lego minifigures

The first LEGO Minifigure appeared on sale in 1978. It’s been growing in popularity ever since. Years later 4 billion mini figurines have been produced, and this is the world’s largest population group! The mini figurines appeared in various roles, including knight astronaut, policeman, and racing driver. And there were also Star Wars soldiers, Harry Potter, Santa Claus, and Steven Spielberg.

Lego decided that the figures would only have a face of one color — yellow when they first appeared on sale. And that the figure’s face would be happy and neutral. The figurine will have no gender, profession, and nationality — it will all be invented by the fantasy of the child during the game.

It was like that until a series of Pirate toys went on sale in 1980. It took figurines to depict good or evil, to be moody or smiley.

With the beginning of the production of licensed products, such as LEGO Star Wars or Harry Potter, they began to make the figurines in the shape of specific characters, and with the advent of the Basketball series in 2003, mini figurines have a reliable color.

In 2004, it was decided that the figures from films and cartoons should look like heroes as precisely as possible.

C 2010: The mini figurines have become a collector’s item. Each figurine is produced in a separate bag and you never know what you will find in it. You can collect mini figurines and change them with other collectors. So you can pick up the entire collection.

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