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Lego Monsters Help to Overcome Fear

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Most children are very fond of watching horror movies, although they are afraid of them. Lego Monsters is quite different. They seem to be scary, but it’s nice to play with them.

In 2012, a series of Lego Monster Hunters consisting of 7 basic kits was released specially for this. Each of these sets contains the same shape, but different color Moonstones. All the stones have a secret sign that belongs to the monsters.

A fascinating ominous story forms the basis of the series. Lord Vampire found out that once upon a time the monsters were living on earth. Lord wanted to build a special machine for Moon Stones that would bring the earth into eternal darkness and all monsters could walk freely on it. Dr. Rodney Redbone is building a team of Monster Hunters to fight it.

Another construction kit about monsters is Zombie. But let’s find out first who the Zombies are. Zombies are dead people who have risen from the dead world. They want to take over the world and turn all its inhabitants into their own kind. And yet they are a real threat, though they look nice.

Lego Zombies and Lego Vampires are now in the same set. You have a real chance to fight two monsters at once in the new series of this kit.

And there are also the Ghosts who live in an ancient castle. This set includes not only the ghosts themselves but also the castle. Many small details of this design set allow you to create this ominous haven with your own hands and enjoy your creation while being fully immersed in its atmosphere.

We can talk a lot more about LEGO Monsters construction kits, but finally, these kits allow your children to play with them while developing fine motor skills and overcoming fears.

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