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LEGO Robot Competitions


LEGO EDUCATION robotic competitions are held in various countries around the world — in China, Korea, Germany, the USA, and many other countries. Competitions allow:

  • to provide teachers and parents with the opportunity to organize highly motivating activities in spatial engineering, simulation and automatic control;
  • to demonstrate the viability of updating the content of the Technology course based on modern modeling and software tools;
  • identify the most talented students in the engineering field for further support;
  • to work out the system of inter-subject interaction and inter-subject relations of informatics, technology and physics in the course of the project task while preparing for competitions.

First Lego League is:

  • Annual competitions (2 stages);
  • Project: an investigation of the real problem and its solution;
  • Game: developing a robot of its own design to solve the problems;
  • Students from 9-16 years old can take part in the competition.

World Robot Olympiad

World Robot Olympiad competitions are held annually. The final competition takes place in November, each year in a new country. The team has 2-3 participants aged 9-19 years and the teacher is the team leader. Each team can choose one of the three categories of competition:

  • The main category. It is held in 3 age groups. It is necessary to build a robot that performs tasks according to predefined rules (each age group has its own task).
  • Creative category — any robotic projects on topical subjects that change from year to year. The presentation of projects is held in the form of an exhibition. Winners are chosen in three age groups.
  • Football robots. Teams of 2 robots play football.
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