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outdoor activities for kids

Outdoor activities are a great alternative to gadgets. Live communication, skills of interaction with peers – this is something that is useful to learn at any age. In the courtyard, in a camp, on a hike, in a country house – wherever a company of children gathers, team or collective games can be organized: calm or very active, on the grass or in a garden, with or without attributes.

In the era of digitalization, parents are trying to figure out how to distract their children from the TV, tablet, or smartphone. It is enough to offer the child an alternative way of spending free time. Outdoor games will definitely be beneficial.

After all, it has been proven that active walks, physical movement, and activity are the key to well-being, excellent appetite, and lack of stress. Some of the games develop mental agility, while others are aimed at physical development.

The main thing is that this way of spending time is not expensive, does not require special physical training, and the result of such games will be children’s interest in collective games and will motivate them to go out more often, move and enjoy communication with their peers and with their parents.

These games will help your children and you to have fun and enjoy the time. If suddenly your favorite game from your childhood is not included in the list, feel free to experiment and invite children to remember your childhood. Believe me, children will be grateful to you for the ideas of leisure activities and will remember these games with nostalgia when they grow up.

what are the disadvantages of outdoor games

Let’s recall the games that you can play in the yard, those that are familiar to more than one generation of children.

Here you can find the most popular back in the days and known also nowadays games outdoors. Leave aside your gadgets, go outside, gather your friends, neighbors, and play, enjoy and just have a lot of fun!

Game “The Stop!”

The players choose a leader and surround him. The players of the game throw the ball to each other over the leader, but not too high. In this case, the leader tries to catch the ball while it is in the air or in the hands of any participant in the game. If the leader succeeded, then the player who had the last ball in his hands before the leader grabbed it will take his place.

If the ball falls to the ground during the game, all children run quickly in different directions until the presenter picks up the ball. As soon as the ball is in his hands, he loudly shouts: “Stop!” Everyone should freeze in their places. The leader throws the ball from the place where he lifted it to any player in the game. If he hits the target, this kid becomes the leader. If the leader misses, the children gather around him again and the ball continues to be thrown.

Kids bowling

It is a highly active game that is good for mobility and coordination. It should be marked with two lines of the border of the “field”. Choose the length of the field depending on the age of the children. Place pins can be 3 pcs. or more behind one of the lines and you can also use small plastic bottles as an alternative to pins.

The players are standing behind the line from the opposite edge of the field. Children take turns trying to knock down all the pins with a ball, and you can roll or throw as you wish.

For a knocked-down pin, the kid gets a point – a square made of colored paper or just a candy wrapper. After the ball is thrown, the pins are returned to their previous positions and the next child enters the game. The game comes to an end when the pre-prepared candy wrappers run out. Whoever has the most of them won!


outside games for toddlers

Grab colored chalk and draw a huge hopscotch path. You can draw not only classic one but also other shapes.

The traditional field for playing hopscotch consists of 10 numbered rectangles arranged in a column, pairs 3-4 and 6-7 are drawn side by side so that you can become two legs, a semicircle with 9-10 is at the exit for a turn in the opposite direction. This is perhaps the most famous option.

Traffic light

You need to draw two lines on the ground at a distance of approximately 30 m from one another. Players stand in a row behind one line, and the “traffic light” is in the middle of the road, with backs to the others. “Traffic light” names any color and turns to face the others.

Children should find the named color on themselves (on clothes, shoes, hats). If you find it, then, holding on to it with your hand, you can safely cross the road. If you can’t find such a color, you will have to quickly run over to another so that the “traffic light” does not touch the “intruder”. You cannot run out of the road. The one who was caught became a “traffic light”.

Another version of this game is “Song Traffic Light”. The difference is that “traffic light” names not a color, but any letter. Players must remember and sing the lines from the song that begins with the first letter named.

Freeze dance

You need to choose one person who will be in charge of the music. When the music starts everyone should dance until the music stops playing and everyone should freeze in their places. If someone will move after freezing this player is out and play it till the last stands.

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