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On this day we celebrate not only the important role of parents in raising and protecting children, but also the role of the family in general. Every child needs family care, parental warmth, attention, love and understanding, a healthy environment to develop their personality.

Indeed, parents are the most responsible for the upbringing and development of their children, for their full and harmonious development, for the comfort and happy environment, love and understanding in the family.

On this day in the US, all families are celebrating Parents Day. How did this day become a holiday? Interesting, right? Bill Clinton signed in 1994 a Resolution from Congress and passed legislation to “recognize, exalt and support the role of parents in raising children.”

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Republican Senator Trent Lott presented the bill. Ruth Bader Ginsburg, judge at the US Supreme Court, said: “Replacing Father’s Day and Mother’s Day with Parent’s Day should be viewed as holiday compliance that more closely matches the guidelines for minimizing traditional gender differences in parenting.” And from that day in the US started to celebrate Parents Day.

And, of course, there is an International holiday which is celebrating people all around the world, but some countries have their own Parents Day. Interesting that in India Parents Das is on the 24th of July. In Congo is on 1th of August, in South Korea is on the 8th of May, and in the US is on the 26th of July.

How can you celebrate this day?

Well, a lot of things you can actually do together with your parents first of all

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  • Go somewhere together. It can be any place, movie, park, museum, exhibitions or zoo. Use your imagination to explore new places together with your parents.
  • Stay at home and cook a special dinner. You can watch tutorial videos on what to cook and how. It can be everything; you can cook pizza, pasta or bake delicious cake, cookies or muffins. Choose what will be quicker and easier to make.
  • Make a home movie theater. Buy a lot of sweet and salty snacks and find family movies from classic “Home Alone” and “Back to the Future” to “Spy kids” or even “Indiana Jones” they will love your choice.
  • Give special gifts. For parents the most precious gift is definitely their children. But what would be a great thing to make something hand-made. You can paint, create something with a 3D pen, sculpting or make special card greetings or decoupage and so many other things you can create.

This is an amazing day to say one more time that we love our parents and are grateful for everything they have done.

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