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MIXELS — Cartoon Network Characters Released in Collaboration with Lego


A series of collectible characters appeared in March 2014. These funny figures were created in collaboration with Cartoon Network. The idea of MIXELS is expressed in the fact that each character has its own bright personality, expressed through an incredible sense of humor. And as it follows from the name of the series, children can collect and remake their characters and create their unique individuality.

The entire collection consists of 27 characters. This series of characters is presented in partnership with Cartoon Network, which showed short cartoons about these funny characters, and released the mobile game.

“It was just amazing to work with such incredible characters. The character design was of deep personal interest to me. It was exciting to create their unique personality”, says Andrew Hugh Sheenan, a leading designer, showing a wide smile.

Many people were attracted to launch the project. These included animators from Los Angeles, game developers from Atlanta, designers from Billund, and many others who communicated online every Thursday and monitored the news to make sure everything went smoothly.

“Working with new partners allows us to achieve new results and attract consumers who were not LEGO fans before,” says Camille Haar, who is responsible for character promotion, “MIXELS” is focused on children aged 6 years and older. Undoubtedly, children who have never had LEGO toys before will be able to get to know them by watching the Cartoon Network channel. The TV show will open their eyes to a new and exciting world — they will be able to create characters they’ve seen on TV.

“Mixels” are designed to develop children’s imagination and encourage them to create their own unique characters,” says Andrew Hugh Sheenan. “Just by adding the eyes to the LEGO cubes, you can bring the character to life. I’m sure our collaboration with Cartoon Network will generate many new and interesting characters.”

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