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National Barbie Day is Soon: Read All About Barbies and How They Became Part of Our Lives

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Barbie Doll Day is coming up, for many of us, this doll holds a lot of childhood memories. It helped many children fill countless hours of fun. If you are one of those lucky people, read on for some fun memories about Barbie herself. On this day in 1959, Barbie made her very first debut at the American International Toy Fair. Her inventor was named Ruth Handler! She was the wife of the co-founder of the toy giant Mattel Inc. Being who she was, she saw many kids play with toys and dolls and decided the world needed something more.

We are celebrating Barbie Day by giving you guys lots of fun facts on her!

  • The first barbie was 11inches tall. In her debut, she was dressed for the beach! All suited up in a black and white striped one-piece.
  • Barbie was so new for her time, because of all the toys and dolls before there was Barbie looked like kids and babies. Barbie was a woman! For kids to now play with a woman as a toy instead of a baby, was a whole new concept.
  • In the first designs of Barbie, she didn’t even have a belly button! They added it in the year 2000.
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On Barbie Day in New York, there are usually pop-up stores to celebrate her Birthday! This year because of the pandemic it’s a bit different. If you’re in the market for a new set of Barbie Dolls, hunt around online for some deals! Barbie Doll Day is sure to please with a bargain! Make your kids day and surprise them with an iconic doll.

Some fun facts for Barbie Doll Day

  • Mattel made the doll the standard size for action figures. But this is not the interesting part. If you would take her size and make it life-size, it would be physically impossible for her to walk. There would be no room in her torso for fully functioning organs. It wouldn’t be humanly possible to hold a head that big and heavy. Mattel since then, has released many different versions of Barbie, in various skin tones and sizes. This makes us happy to hear, as we don’t want our little kids to look up to an ideal that isn’t even possible.
  • The first Barbie was worth only 3 dollars, and if you wanted more accessories you needed to pay extra. Today if you have a mint condition original Barbie, it’s worth around 25,000 dollars.
  • Barbie still to this day is sold on eBay, and different platforms online. You can find a vintage Barbie of your own.
  • There have been many Barbies designed to resemble celebrities! For example; Audrey Hepburn, J.K Rowling, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Nicki Minaj, and Ava Duvernay.
  • Barbie’s first career was as a teen fashion model. She had many careers in her years, some include; flight attendant, fashion editor, a ballerina, tennis player, business lady, candy striper, astronaut, surgeon, Miss America, gymnast, actress, aerobics instructor, a reporter, army officer, rock star, rapper, chef, police officer, baseball player, scuba diver, paleontologist, Nascar driver and pilot.
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Celebrate Barbie Day with a bang! Keep scrolling to know some exciting facts! History of Barbie Day is on March 9th, don’t miss it!

It’s Birthday Barbie 2021! And she is fabulous! Even in her original packaging, she was extremely stylish. If you didn’t know already, her first signature color was pink! Looking for a throwback in the middle of a pandemic? Celebrate this year’s doll, Birthday Barbie 2021! Grab your old and dusty barbies and give them away to kids in need, or reintroduce them as toys to your kiddos.

As I remember my experience with my Barbies, they went through the thick of it. They went everywhere! Including; the bathtub, the treehouse, on walks, to friend’s houses, and practically every room in the house! It’s Birthday Barbie 2021, release your inner child and unearth those ancient dolls in the attic.

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Want to know the Barbie Birthday Date?! It’s March 9th, celebrate and set a reminder in your calendar. If your little kiddos have Barbies but they rather play with something new, try to reintroduce these dolls to them. As scientists presume plastic takes 450 years to decompose, these dolls are durable!! Don’t throw them in the trash.

Reuse them over and over, pass them down to other kids who have fewer toys! Nothing like a good old hand me down. When I was a kid, I loved receiving stuff from my older family friends, it almost felt more special to me than a new toy. Don’t miss this year’s Barbie Birthday Date!!

Here are some more fun facts for History of Barbie Day

  • The companies mission with Barbie was “through the doll the little girl could be anything she wanted to be” hence why there are so many versions and outfits that come along with Barbie.
  • Barbie had 180 careers.
  • They believed the more choices and options, the more playing possibilities and they were right.
  • There are estimated over a billion Barbies sold in over 150 countries worldwide, and to think as the Barbie was being invented many people were skeptical!
  • History of Barbie Day lands on March 9th, which is 62 years after its prototype.
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Wondering how to celebrate Barbie Day? I say pull out your old stock of dolls and revive this old toy by introducing it to your kids! You can always take all of them to the bathtub! I can remember this being the highlight of shower time for me as a child. It’s not so hard to think of ways to celebrate Barbie Day, just get creative!

If you are still can’t think of how to celebrate Barbie Day, here are some more ideas for you

  • Celebrate the fact that now Barbie is more inclusive of everybody! They stopped making just one kind of female stigma. They make dolls with all skin types, hair textures, body shapes included ones with disabilities! If you can remember how Barbies started way back, this is a large leap in the right direction.
  • Throw a Barbie themed party for your kiddos.
  • Introduce the Barbie doll to a new generation of children.
  • Donate your old dolls to your local Salvation Army, or a homeless shelter
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