Need a Project for a Rainy Day? Try Making an Origami Ninja Star for Fun This Weekend

paper ninja star steps

How are you all doing? Need another project idea for the weekend? Try to make a paper ninja star. It’s the perfect way to engage in a creative activity! The best part is there is basically no clean-up. All you need for this project is some origami paper, or cut paper if you don’t have and some decorations if you’re in the mood! Easy peasy is the name of the game for me, these days as I’ve been home so much from the pandemic, it grows harder and harder to have the patience for every little thing. Whether you’re in the same boat as me or you just wish to get a little creative this weekend try a fun new origami trick! Learn how to fold a ninja star!

How to make a paper ninja star step-by-step instructions!

What you will need to get started

  • Pair of scissors
  • Origami paper (or paper cut into squares)
  • Decorations of choice
  • Flat surface for folding, coffee table or countertop
how to fold ninja star

Origami ninja star instructions

  1. Start by making sure you have square pieces of paper. You can have a variety of different colours or all the same, as you wish.
  2. If you are making your squares by hand, fold over your piece of paper into a triangle, and cut off the excess until you have a perfect square.
  3. You will need two squares of paper for each ninja star, it’s fun to have different colours, but you can use the same if you wish.
  4. Start by folding each piece of paper in half to make a triangle. This will make a crease down the middle.
  5. Open up your triangle, and now fold it in half to make a rectangle. Make sure to do this with both squares.
  6. Now take your rectangle shapes and fold them in half again, to make a skinnier rectangle.
  7. Now take the top of your rectangle and fold downwards to make a crease in the middle.
  8. Your diagonal crease from before should line up with your crease in the middle.
  9. Now make a diagonal fold that lines up with your middle crease. Make sure your pieces of paper are folded in opposite directions.
  10. Do this same step to the bottom of the shape. Fold it the same way as before just in the opposite direction. Remember to repeat on the other piece of paper.
  11. Now this gets a little tricky so go slow, flip over your shape, now fold the tips on both sides towards the centre.
  12. Place the paper shapes on top of each other. Making sure the sides that look the same are touching.
  13. This is the part where it’s helpful to have different coloured paper. So you can see where you’re putting the paper.
  14. Take the tip of the bottom piece of paper, and fold until it tucks into the other. There should be a little pocket-like shape meant to be. The tip will slip right under the other into its pocket.
  15. Repeat the same step with the bottom tip.
  16. Now flip over your project and repeat exactly what you did before with folding in the tips of paper.
  17. When you finally manage to tuck your origami tips into the right places, you’re all done! It should look something like this!
  18. Once you’ve reached this step you can decide whether or not you would like to decorate! Feel free to use, felt markers or sparkles etc.
make a paper ninja star

There you have it, those are your paper ninja star steps! We hope you’ve found your way easily through our step-by-step instructions. This project is great to fill up some rainy day weekend time. Sometimes I feel we can so easily all turn back into TV zombies. Nothing like the pandemic to turn us that way! Try something new today to get the pandemic off your mind. I realized how social media and the news can really have an effect on our states of mind. Take a mental break, make a cup of tea and fold some origami with your kiddos! It will be beneficial for them and also for you.

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