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Need Help With That Pesky Homework? How to Make a Tom with Household Items

how to make an atom model with household items

Build your own atoms from home? We all know and love this take-home school project that kids get. Need help? Well keep scrolling and we will give a detailed list of instructions on how to ace this project! In short, atoms are the building blocks for everything in our world, let’s make together a small 3D model to explain this to our kids.

Atom model for kids! Things to keep in mind as you get yourself going on this project

  • Atoms are made up of three different parts
  • The atom is made up from protons, neutrons and electrons
  • Atoms are the smallest particles that make the elements of the world
  • The nucleus of each atom is very dense
  • Most of the mass of each atom is in the nucleus
  • To just put things into perspective, if an atom was a sports stadium, the nucleus would still be the size of a pea!
  • Originally the word “atom” comes from the Greek word “undivided” or “uncuttable”
  • Your body replaces approximately 98% of its atoms each year!

How to build your own atom

how to make a model of an atom for kids

There are many ways to go about this crafty project. Each teacher will want something different, so select something according to your requirements.

  • Make sure to first pick your element from the periodic table, to have the correct number of protons. This is so it can be identified by other students in the class.
  • Decide if you will be making a 3D model or a 2D model. It can also be a hanging atom if desired
  • Choose a method to colour or identify between each proton, neutron and electron

Idea #1 (3D atom model)

What you will need

  • Crafting metal wire
  • Coloured marshmallows or soak in food colouring
  • Hot glue gun

Step one

Identify between your protons, neutrons, and electrons. Each one should be a different color.

Step two

Make a cluster of protons and neutrons, and glue this together using a hot glue gun. Be careful of your fingers!

Step three

Attach five pieces of metal craft wire, by skewering them into the protons and neutrons. From there attach your electrons onto your protruding wires. Make sure you have your wires angled so that they poking out from many different directions.

Step four

Add your electrons to the wires, but poking holes right through the marshmallows. Identify your protons, neutrons, and electrons either with colors or little labels. Make sure your atom is identifiable by having the correct number of protons. This same version of the model can also be done with styrofoam balls! There are so many more atomic model project ideas if you want to keep scrolling!

Idea #2 (3D atom mobile)

homemade atom model

What you will need for this DIY atom model

  • Metalcraft wire
  • Pom poms, styrofoam balls or coloured marshmallows (or something creative you can find around the house)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fishing line or see-through thread
  • And of course patience

Step one

Cut carefully with scissors or wire cutters to long pieces of metal craft wire. At this point attach your electrons. You can poke right through your marshmallows or styrofoam balls. If you used pom poms you can attach them with your hot glue gun. Make sure to identify your electrons, neutrons, and protons by designating them in different colors.

Step two

Secure these circles by twisting the edges together or by reinforcing with your hot glue gun. Careful for your fingers while you do this.

Step three

Make a cluster of protons and neutrons, you will need a hot glue gun.

Step four

atom model for kids

Now string up your mobile by using your fishing line. You can either tie big knots or use the hot glue gun or both! I recommend both. Start by attaching your line to the cluster, by wrapping around it and tying a knot. Then reinforce with your hot glue gun. Repeat the same step for your two circular metal pieces. Don’t forget to save enough room at the top to have a place to hold it or a handle if you wish!

If you need help making an atom model for school, I hope we helped you out! Go for it and get creative, don’t be afraid to use household items!

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