Simple And Easy Drawings – Simple Self-Help Guide For Drawing Eyes for Kids

Drawing is the basic skill on which the child’s development process is built. Through drawing, the child learns to hold a pencil; he trains the strength of the hand and fine motor skills. We will tell you how to teach your child to draw step by step. These drawings for children are easy for everyone to master

Pencil Drawings Easy

pencil drawings easy

It is better to teach children to draw with a pencil. You will also need a lot of blank sheets, template images, and your imagination.

How to Hold a Pencil Correctly?

  • Show your child that you need to hold your pencil closer to the pointed end, so as not to break it. In addition, this way the fingers will remember the correct position.
  • Carefully monitor your child’s progress in learning a new skill and help them if necessary.


  • You need to choose pencil drawings for kids, which allow you to create an image step by step from simple lines to complex ones. In this case, adults can help free templates from the Internet, which are easy to find and download;
  • In simple drawings for kids, you should use geometric shapes. Many familiar images, for example, animals, are easier for children to portray in this way;
  • Parents should use their own example to show preschoolers how to draw in stages;
  • Do not learn to draw more than two drawings in stages per day. Children aged 5-7 years do not have much patience, as a result of which they lose interest in drawing in general;
  • It is worth choosing tools for work that are suitable for your age. Soft pencils and thin brushes are easy for any child to hold in their hand.
  • And if the child does not succeed on their own pencil art easy, and he gets upset, then you need to cheer him up and help

Simple Pencil Drawings

simple pencil drawings

Person and Family

Children see other children and parents around them, which is why their development needs to learn how to draw their own kind and their family. In addition, systematic pencil drawings of children teach them to correctly depict the proportions of body parts, which will be very useful in the future.


Children are very fond of the younger brothers, especially pets, birds, and small animals from the farm. That is why it is interesting for them to try easy and simple drawings, dogs, owls, pigs, or horses. However, if you show forest or marine life, then children will be happy to portray them. A bunny, a fox, a bear, a dolphin, and a turtle will become one of the favorite children’s characters.

Objects Around the House

Drawing your own house is the easiest thing for a child, but parents can expand their children’s horizons in the classroom. To do this, they can offer to draw such drawings for beginner’s kids as a fence, flowerbed, swing, trees around the house.


In everyday life, children travel with their parents, so children are quite able to portray vehicles. Car, train, ship, plane are very well suited for easy drawing with pencil.

Cartoon Characters

No child doesn’t likes cartoons. Therefore, a great idea for pencil easy drawings is to have cartoon characters. For girls, it can be, for example, unicorns, cartoon girls, fairies, and for boys-animated cars and tanks, dinosaurs, and robots.


Drawing natural seasons, children convey their impressions of the world around them, and systematic painting helps in this. The main thing for parents is to choose a narrow number of objects for images, without complicating the composition, and then children will easily draw them.


Simple and easy drawings of flowers and trees from the forest or garden, children can easily draw gradually. In addition, if you draw them next to each other, then children will learn how to create a composition

Easy Pencil Drawing Spring Landscape

pencil drawings for kids

Spring landscape is one of the interesting simple pencil drawings for beginners. After all, in the spring you can see many subjects for training.

Step 1

Draw 3-5 curved lines, narrowed at the base, as in a bouquet.

Step 2

Add fluffy oval-shaped buds at the top of the lines in a slightly chaotic order.

Step 3

Finish the thickness of the branches and some buds.

Step 4

Let us fluff the buds. If we draw with paints, then with a brush with water, if with pencils – then with an eraser.

Step 5

Paint over the branches and all the buds of the willow.

Drawing such cute easy pencil drawings will turn out very quickly, in addition, you can draw a twig in a vase.

Compared to a willow branch, it will be a little more difficult to draw snowdrops. However, the children will cope here. Gradually, you can depict these first flowers in this way.

Simple Drawing For Children Butterfly

simple drawings for kids

The urticarial butterfly that we will draw in this exercise is one of the most common and simple pencil art. In the summer, it can often be seen in the meadow, in the garden, and city parks. However, the techniques considered apply to drawing any butterfly

Step 1

The shape of the butterfly resembles a triangle. Let us draw a triangle with rounded sides on the paper. The line that divides the figure in half will later become the torso. A transverse line marks the upper edge of the wings.

Step 2

The wings are also divided in half: the upper one resembles a triangle; the lower one resembles a drop. Denote the body of a butterfly. Add fluffy oval-shaped buds at the top of the lines

Step 3

It should be noted that the body of the butterfly also consists of several parts: the head, chest, and abdomen. We draw them. On the head, we draw a thin mustache.

Step 4

Now we apply a pattern characteristic of this type of butterfly to the wings. This is done with a soft pencil. We stroke the torso.

Step 5

We finish painting over the wings-our butterfly has acquired a finished look. And finally, a couple of final touches: draw the eyes and the hairs on the back.

Butterflies are figuratively called animated flowers, so the most beautiful thing about them is their wings. The more nuances and shades you see in them, the more beautiful and naturalistic the drawing will turn out.

Pencil Easy Drawing Chamomile

drawings for children

Step 1

Place the future chamomile in the center of the leaf. We outline it in the form of a large circle. In the center, draw another small oval. From it, we draw an arc-shaped line to get the flower stem.

Step 2

Make the stem line thicker. We finish drawing a couple of small leaves.

Step 3

In the center of a large oval, draw the petals of a daisy, which are attached to the middle. Add more petals in the background.

Step 4

We draw small details on the chamomile and remove the outline lines with an eraser that is no longer needed. The drawing of a daisy with a simple pencil is ready.

Simple pencil drawing White Pigeon

simple and easy drawings

Many people, especially children, are very fond of birds, so often; there is a problem of how to draw a bird with a pencil. How to draw a pigeon. Now we will analyze a detailed description of pencil drawing easy white pigeons using minimal skills and materials.

Step 1

The first thing you need at the initial stage is not to think about any details. Now you need to focus on the entire figure as a whole, you need to outline where your character will be and what shape it will have. First, we outline a small circle at the top of the sheet, then attach a shape to it that somewhat resembles a pear. If you think that you are not succeeding, then try to imagine how all the parts of the body will be connected, how they will move together. In addition, you need to outline these and other elements: beak and paws.

Step 2

At this stage, it is necessary to make a more rounded body of the bird. You also need to draw an eye. Try to draw a small black oval and then circle it. With an eraser, you can add highlights to the eyes, so the pigeon will turn out more realistic. In addition, you need to outline the wings, they are somewhat similar to the petals of flowers, so it is better to use smooth lines.

Step 3

Draw a stick on which your pigeon will sit. Next, you need to draw the bird’s paws.

Step 4

Then you can start coloring our simple drawings for kids. First, you need to paint over the shadow with a gray pencil, and then make a gradient with pink and yellow on the beak.

Step 5

Now you need to emphasize the eyes with a black pencil and red or pink paint over the paws. It is important to make the transition from the paws themselves to the trunk. To do this, you need to press the pencil a little less in the area of the lower leg. In addition, you can paint the perch on which the pigeon sits in any color you like.

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