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Poopsie Toy in a Soda Can

Poopsie toy

Meet a novelty from the company MGA, one of the most famous toy manufacturers, the toy Poopsie.

The company was founded in 1979 and was engaged in electronics. In the late 1980s, the company acquired the rights to sell Nintendo toys in the USA. Since then it has become the MGA: Micro Games of America.

One of the first puppet brands was the well-known Bratz. We also know Moxie, LOL, Lalaloopsy, and many others.

Surprise toys — packed in cans, milk bags, soda cans — the latest fashion trend. It is much more interesting than a regular box or bag.

Back to our novelty, Poopsie in a soda can. Cute Poopsie is a figure with moving legs, each with a gold horn and a pacifier. Each jar has a slimebag with sequins and pearls. A bit of magic and a slime from a unicorn is ready. You can make it yourself.

The slime looks like jelly, you can crush it in your hands, developing tactile sensations, to give fancy shapes.

There are 15 kinds of figures in total, so there is an element of collecting.

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