Preschool Fire Safety Activities – Fire Safety in the form of a Game for Kids

Dangers lurk everywhere. At any time, an accident, fire, animal bite, etc. can happen. The adult in this case has a certain model of behavior, but the child does not. Therefore, it is so important to give him knowledge about possible threatening situations and objects. The first lessons of fire safety theme preschool children receive in the family: “you cannot touch matches”; “it is dangerous to approach the stove”. In the garden, they deepen this knowledge. It is recommended to introduce fire safety activities for preschool starting from the age of 3. First, children learn to recognize fire hazards and handle them correctly. Later, starting at the age of 4-5, they learn to understand the relationship of events: “a lit match can lead to a fire in the house; an undisturbed fire can burn the forest”

How To Behave In Case Of Fire

fire safety activity for preschool

At a young age, a child is not able to put out a fire and follow the rules that exist for adults. Up to 6 years of age, children should know and follow only 3 points: Do not touch fire-hazardous objects. In the event of a fire, notify the parents, neighbors, or caregiver as soon as possible. Stay in the field of view of adults, obey them in everything and try to behave calmly. To teach children the rules of fire safety, you need safety lesson plans for preschool.

The fire safety lesson plan includes the following goals:

Training Materials

  • summarize and systematize students ‘ knowledge on the topic “Fire safety”;
  • teaching children safe behavior and actions in fire conditions;
  • implementation of fire prevention propaganda

Educational Programs

  • expanding the horizons of students;
  • developing interest in the subject
  • expanding the horizons of students;
  • developing interest in the subject
  • formation of a culture of safe and responsible behavior expanding the horizons of students

How To Properly Tell Your Child About Fire Safety Rules

fire safety activities for preschoolers

You can tell your child about safe behavior as much as you want, but it is unlikely that he will remember and learn the instructions well. The main activity of children is play. Any information is easier for kids to convey through the game. In fire safety activity for preschool, the child sees a visual example, acts out actions, and better understands cause-and-effect relationships.

There Are Several Types of Fire Safety Activities for Preschoolers

  • Didactic. They include games with objects and cards, board games, and word games with riddles. For example, you need to cover a card with fire with a picture of water or continue the phrase: “I saw the smoke – do not yawn and firemen… (Call). “You don’t touch the stove with a pen if it burns… (fire)”.
  • Active. Fire safety activities for preschoolers help to develop mindfulness, dexterity and form a model of behavior in a life-threatening situation.
  • Story-role-playing. Children take on the roles of firefighters, parents, and children and solve the task.

Story-Role-Playing Preschool Fire Safety Activities

preschool fire safety activities

All on Departure

Players line up along the wall. At the opposite end of the room, there are chairs with ammunition: a helmet, gloves, a belt, a hose, a toy ladder, and a fire extinguisher. At the whistle, the children run to the chairs and put on their equipment. Whoever does it faster wins.


In this fire safety preschool, children are divided into 2 groups and lined up in rows. At the beginning of the line, a basin with water and a ladle is installed, at the end – an empty basin. You need to scoop up water and pass it to a nearby player. Children pass a ladle of water along a chain and pour it into an empty basin. The last player runs with an empty ladle to the beginning of the line, collects water, and passes it to the team. The game continues until the first basin is empty. The winner is the team that passes all the water before the other team. The amount of water transferred is also taken into account (whether it was spilled too much).

Is the Fire Good or Evil?

Each child is issued a card. All cards have different pictures: cooking dinner on a campfire, lighting the house, fireworks, rocket flight. In addition, a fire in the forest, a burning house, a man coughing from the smoke, frightened children. In front of the children, there is a stand with 2 painted lights – good and evil. The child needs to approach the light following their card and explain in their own words why the fire is good or evil. At the end of the game, the adult sums it up: “Fire is both good and evil. It all depends on how to handle it”

Brave Firefighters

In these safety activities for kids, children are divided into boy-girl pairs. The girls sit on a high chair and play the role of victims of the fire. Rescue boys are firefighters who must overcome an obstacle course and take the girl by the hand to a safe place. The pair that runs back first wins.

Extinguishing the Fire

The game involves 2 players. In front of each one on the floor are scattered 6 red rags (lights) and 10 pictures with objects that can put out the fire. Among them are 4 infidels: paper, firewood, a doll, an inflatable ball. On the whistle, you need to cover the “lights” with the correct pictures. Whoever completes the task first wins? Such fire safety activities for kids teach you to distinguish life-threatening situations from non-dangerous ones; develop attention; foster a desire to comply with fire safety rules.

Didactic Safety Activities For Preschoolers

fire safety preschool

After the Fire

Players sit on chairs; pick up reels, to each of which a cord (fire hose) is attached at one end. The winner is the one who wins the cord on the spool faster.

Good or Bad

Children are given fire safety worksheets for kids depicting the various uses of fire (both good and bad). Children are given cards with images of fire and objects related to fire (matches, firewood, gas stove, kerosene lamp, etc.) children must place the cards on the picture – in the right place.

Lotto-fire Safety

Safety lesson plans for toddlers are as follows. The teacher gives the players cards drawn into 10 empty rectangles (playing fields), then shows the children a story picture depicting the situation in a fire( a boy plays with matches, a girl ran out on the balcony of a burning apartment, an iron was left unattended, the children turned on the Christmas tree, etc.). A child who correctly characterizes the situation closes the empty playing field with a picture. The winner is the one who has more closed fields. Such fire safety preschool activities expand children’s understanding of fire safety rules; develop attention, memory; foster a sense of cooperation.

Card Quiz

Fire safety lesson plans for toddlers are as follows. The teacher lays it out on the table or puts in a beautifully designed box card with questions on the topic of rules of behavior during a fire. The child who answers the question correctly gets a chip. The winner is the one who has more chips at the end of the game.

Phone Conversations

Children take turns selecting fire safety for kids worksheets with emergency phone numbers. The teacher tells the background of the emergency (3-4 sentences) and gives the task to the child, depending on the specific case, to call a particular service on a toy phone. The task is considered completed if the child’s story makes it clear where and for what purpose this or that service should come. (The teacher performs the role of the duty officer). Such preschool fire safety expands children’s understanding of fire safety rules; develops attention, memory; fosters a sense of cooperation.

Active Fire Safety Games For Preschooler

safety activities for preschoolers

On Fire

According to a conditional signal (fire alarm), players run from the start line to the chairs, on which ammunition is laid out: a helmet, gloves, belt, etc. You need to prepare for departure – put on equipment. The winner is the one who gets dressed faster.


Safety lesson plan for preschool: on command, players must overcome an obstacle course; get to the high chair with the doll “take it out of the fire”. The winner is the one who comes to the finish line first. The game can be complicated by suggesting that the “scouts” move blindfolded (heavy smoke). In this case, the obstacle course should be short and not very difficult.

Fire fighting

At a prearranged signal, the players draw water from a large basin with a small bucket and pass it to each other in a chain. The latter pours the water into an empty container. The team that fills it faster wins.

Who Will Get Dressed Faster

Teams are built behind the start line, at a short distance from which two suitcases with the same set of items are placed: a helmet, a jacket, and boots. At a signal from the leader, the player of each team runs up to his suitcase, opens it, gets dressed, and runs to the start line. There, he takes off his clothes and passes them to the next player, who, having dressed, runs to the suitcase, takes off and puts things down and returns to the team, etc. This fire safety activity for kids summarizes children’s ideas about fire safety rules, develops a protective self-awareness; fosters a sense of cooperation.

The Corridor in the Smoke

The members of each team line up in front of their tunnel, take turns crawling through it, then running back.

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