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Discover Reasons Not to Have a Smartphone and an Amount of Benefits

cell phones vs mobile phone

Phone is a very important device in our modern life. We can’t imagine life without cell phones or smartphones. Why is this device very popular and mainly for people and kids?

For starters, I want to explain the difference between smartphone and cellphone.There are three kinds of phones.What is better? Cell phones vs mobile phones vs smartphones.

The first phone was a cell phone, it used to type messages and make calls. It had only one sim. The purpose was communication. After cell phones were mobile phones. It was a better device and had more function. It is an upgraded version of the cell phone. Mobile phones include more functions: calendars, camera, internet, social media….

Nowadays smartphones are more favoured and useful than cell phones and mobile phones. Smartphone is the same cellphone, but it may include many digital assistants like Google, touchscreen, Wi-Fi. Cellphones are not always smart and are a cheaper alternative to a smartphone.

We need to deal with the advantages and disadvantages of cell phones and smartphones.

Cons of Cellphones in School

pros and cons of cellphones in class

The Most Important Device

We spent a whole day with this gadget. In your smartphone there is all your information. For example: contact info, videos, fotos and all passwords. If you forget your phone, you can’t contact your family, work or pay in the supermarket. Someone can steal your phone and it can cause a lot of stress for you. It can be the next disadvantage of smartphones.

Breaking Your Privacy

Losing a smartphone causes a big problem and you can overlook all personal information. There are many crimes with phones. Someone can easily break into your account and use your information. It is very hard to protect your info.


It is a big minus of phones. In one important time you can have only metal in your hand. Sometimes you need help and make one call, but your phone died. Children should pay attention to the phone. They should charge it on time. If the battery dies, parents can be nervous about their kids.


Loneliness can be a disadvantage of mobile phones.

Social media will be created to stop feeling lonely, but in this way people forget about real life. It is very important to communicate offline. Some people prefer to chat on the internet rather than meet and have entertainment together. People become lazier and they think that communication in social media is comfortable. Don`t forget about real life! Real communication has more positive effects than online. You can have many followers, but you haven’t a loyal friend. In this way you can feel lonely. True friendship can`t change 1 thousands followers on social media. You don’t spend time with your family and friends. You choose your mobile phone.

Unhealthy Device

Children spend a lot of time watching on the phone. It is bad for eye-sight. They spend almost a full day with a phone, tablett, laptop and computer. I think the most serious health problem is dirty hands and devices. They can wash hands and go to eat, but this time they take their phones to watch something. They can suffer from diarrhoea, vomiting, food poisoning and even worms. Parents should look after children and hygiene.

The next health problem among children can be hearing problems. They use not only phones, but also earphones. The headphones ruin the hearing.


Parents can buy expensive phones for kids in this way they should follow attentively and use it carefully. In this way they can improve their responsibility. You should charge, wash and not lose it. They should not spend too much time on the phone and don’t spend a lot of money on the internet and calls. They must try to save money.


Parents can plan a whole day for their kids. They don`t forget about all activities and lessons. Children can be more organised. On the phone, children will have their personal schedule.

Wasting Time

The next cons of cell phones. People fritter away time with their phones. We use smartphones every day and take them everywhere. We can use it profitably, but usually we play games, watch silly videos or listen to songs. Games are the biggest problem among children. They play stupid games and waste their time. Kids can entertain themself better than mobile phones. For example, play on the playground, read books, build LEGO etc. It is very intresting to use phones for kids, but parents can help them to use them correctly. They can read books, watch beneficial videos or learn English or different facts.

Control Your Money

In your smartphone you have all your credit cards and bank account. You can control your income and expenses. It is very easy and saves you time. you don’t need to go to the bank and solve all your deals. But it can be dangerous, if you lose your phone and can lose your money or a robber can use your bank account.

Parents can teach their children to use credit cards and try to save and spend money.

Cyberbullying in Class

Across all smartphone pros and cons, it can be the most dangerous for children. It is the worst form of bullying. It is very difficult to stop it. In the world there are many kinds of smartphones. Some of it is very expensive, not all people can afford it. It can lead to value among children. Children are more phone dependent. Addiction is a very complicated disease. People, who are dependent, can do terrible things, even commit crime. They can be rude and steal phones on the streets or at school.

Following smartphones benefits are digital lessons, digital platforms and educational apps. Teachers can include videos, apps, pictures in lessons.

It will be interesting for kids and they can use their smartphones with pleasure.

Nowadays it is difficult to believe that someone doesn’t have a smartphone or even a cell phone. I will try to mention the benefits of not having a smartphone.


The first mobile benefit is connection. It is comfortable to always stay in touch. Now people have a very busy lifestyle, they haven’t time to meet with family and friends. They use their cell phone to call and send messages. But smartphones you can use for video calls and voice messages, it is a good opportunity to be closer to your family members and companions.

Pros of Smartphones for Children

advantages and disadvantages of cell phones

Social media

Social media is one the most popular ways to chat and share information. In this media people can read news, communicate with friends, follow celebrities and share their life and thoughts. The most useful social media are Facebook, Instagram and more. It helps people to connect across distances and to feel not alone. In social networks people can find friends. There can be positive and negative effects of cellphones on society. Negative is isolation, but it can have a positive effect. Sometimes people need to relax from the phone and media. They need to switch your phone and breathe deeply. Having some time to be in your thoughts and isolation is good for our mental health.

Small Life

The biggest benefit of smartphones ist compact. Our smartphones are very small. It is very comfortable to take it with. This little device can change cameras, notebooks, address books, purses, GPS, letters, books ets. Technically, you can pay with your phone. You don’t need to take purses with coins and money. In this way you can`t lose money. Every smartphone has a great camera. You don’t need to take a big camera to take fotos. Smartphones develop every year, the producer adds new funktion or upgrades previous. You don’t need to go to the library and carry heavy books. It is a positive effect of smartphones on children. They can have all the books for school on their phones. It is good for the back and they can repeat materials everywhere.

Nearly all smartphones have GPS. This function is good for everyone, not only kids. The parents can`t worry about where their kid is.

Smartphones contain all important information. Without it we can`t live. It makes our life easier. Don`t forget your phone at home!!! Pay attention!!!

Now I want to talk about the pros and cons of cellphones in class. As stated above, children can use all educational books on their phones. It is the first phone benefit in class. They can read books on public transport, at home, in the park or even on the beach. They can do homework at school. The second advantage of mobile phone usage is education. Children can use different apps to learn languages or develop their logic. There are many universities and colleges that offer lectures on the Internet. Everyone can educate themselves in this way and use your phone profitably.But many students and children use mobile phones for texting, emailing, checking social media, taking photos and watching foolish videos. They check social media very often more than 11 times a day. They interrupt education and waste time.


Nearly all smartphones have a very good camera. Photography is a very popular kind of hobby. In the future kids can make your hobby as a job and earn money. Children can take beautiful photos and inspire themself to go for a walk. It is very important that children admire something. Incredible pictures and photos are an art. Other children can shoot videos. They want to become directors or filmmakers.

Real life

People can live a really interesting life without a phone. You don’t need to think about social media. Your brain will work better. Your success at work will be better. At work you don’t need to multitask. You can meet your friends in a cafe or go to the cinema.

Sleep Well

Smartphones can always be vibrant and noisy. Some people can not normally sleep, they wake up 4-5 times a night through sounds and vibrants. If you haven`t smartphone, you don’t need to answer texts or emails.

There are some pros and cons of phones. For every one it can be different, but after reading this article you can think about your personal benefits and negatives of using phones.

It is one of the biggest disadvantages of not having a phone. If you miss someone, you can’t call and in this way this person can be closer. People find ways to be closer to family.

In conclusion, the phone is a very important device in our life. Parents should control what children watch and how to use the mobile phones. Phones at school are an important part of the learning process, but teachers must control it and prevent bullying at school.

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