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Quick and Easy Boardgame Replacement: Who am I Game for Kids

who am i questions for kids

Ever played charades? Well, it’s pretty similar, and it’s always a hoot!

Now in times of Covid-19 and quarantine, the kids are most likely spending more time at home. When they are finished with their school time on zoom, it’s important to keep them busy with games, and other fun things to make them less bored at home. Especially when winter is coming and there’s less sunlight, and to go out to play becomes a mission.

Do you need a new game for the whole family? Guess who I am game for kids is one to consider. All you need to do is come up with character ideas, and if you at a loss for inspiration just check the web. Start by collecting blank name tags, or even Sticky Notes. Find a way to stick them to your forehead. From there come up with characters or things to act out. It can be anything from a cow, to the tooth fairy. Keep in mind that these examples will be acted out by the group. How the game works, choose one person to place the sticker on their forehead. They don’t know what is written there, now the rest of the family must act out in silence what this thing or character is. You can use physical clues and gestures that are typical of charades. For example; miming, dancing, using key actions. You can choose whether or not to do the game with verbal communication or in silent actions.

who am i activity for elementary students

Who am I questions for kids, could also be a wonderful activity for children in school! The interactive game could be used as an icebreaker. Getting children out of their cocoons and engaging with their peers. This game will also boost the kids’ confidence to interact with their fellow students.

Need any ideas for who am I activity for high school students? Try a session of guessing famous actors or characters from films. It’s a great starting point and one that most students will be able to understand. Content in which they have common knowledge.

Rules for the game

who am i activity for middle school
  • Place sticky note forehead using masking tape, do not look at your name
  • Others start asking a broad question or acting out your name
  • Get more specific as time goes along
  • As you go state your guesses of the identity

Try playing who am I activity for middle school students. This age group can be tricky, as they are not always fully comfortable in their own skin. This could truly work as an icebreaker if you get them going with the game. I suggest having the character names prepared in advance, and ask yourself if each and every one of them will relate to the names. That way each student will have a fair game.

Want to play with your little ones as well? When playing the who am I activity for elementary students, try to get them to sit in a circle. Having this organized seating arrangement will have all their cute little eyes heading in a similar direction. That way, it will be harder for them to get distracted and stay on task.

guess who i am game for kids

To be quite frank, this game is for all ages. I have memories of playing it with flatmates in my early 20s. It’s quick and easy to organize, and always a hit! You just need some essentials on hand and an open mind to come up with some creative names. If your curious about leveling up your game, try acting things out as well as communicating them verbally. Game on! Enjoy your free time with your kids of all ages!

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