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Raya And The Last Dragon

“Raya and the Last Dragon”, telling the story of a brave girl who went on a dangerous journey in search of the last dragon. She is ready to fight back against any enemy, defeat sinister monsters and liberate her native land. Let’s learn more about Raya and the Last Dragon, where to watch and enjoy a magical picture from Disney.

About Raya Film

Raya and the Last Dragon Trailer

The cartoon “Raya and the Last Dragon” was released, telling the story of a brave girl who went on a dangerous journey in search of the last dragon. She is ready to fight back against any enemy, defeat sinister monsters and liberate her native land. 


This story is about an ancient civilization, in the vastness of which the kingdom of Kumandra stretches. There are five militant clans living in it. Together they form the “Land of the Dragon”. This place got its name, not by chance at all. Once a huge number of dragons lived here, and they were all in harmony with people. Until evil descended on their world in the person of Druun, who decided to destroy the established way of life.

It was impossible to cope with him. The dragons had only one way — to sacrifice themselves for the sake of people. Therefore, they did. But before that, it was decided to leave one of their representatives in the kingdom of Lumander. Therefore, it was necessary to resist the evil forces, if they returned again. And according to the plot of the cartoon, Druun really returned. This happened after 500 years. The first thing he did was kill the local chief Bajong. The latter left two children-a boys, Chong, and a girl, Raya.

Raya is a fearless girl, and she really wants to find the last dragon. To do this, she studied military affairs, mastered the sword perfectly, and then went on a dangerous campaign. Raya chose her friend, Tuk — Tuk, as an assistant. This small animal can only support the girl, but not increase her strength in the fight against monsters 

Where Can I Watch Raya And The Last Dragon?

The cartoon of Raya and the Last Dragon is available on Disney Plus with an additional subscription. There you will see the wonderful world of”Raya”, which is full of beautiful and significant cultural references, from water dragons to costumes, which it is difficult not to admire – what is one earring of Princess Namari worth. And in the fantasy world, they are absolutely appropriate.

Raya and the Last Dragon, Disney Plus

To watch the movie Raya and the Last Dragon on Disney Plus, you must pay extra to watch it in addition to your subscription. To get the movie on the streaming server, the owners of the Disney Plus account need to pay an additional $30. After that, the movie will be with you forever, unless you want to delete it.

If you do not have a Disney plus account, then you won’t be able to watch it, you need to buy a subscription to access it through Premier Plus. New Disney Plus users can watch the movie free from June 2021. 

Raya and the Last Dragon Characters 

Cassandra Steele (as Raya) and American singer and actress Aquafina (as Sisu) will lead the Raya and the Last Dragon Cast.


Sisu is a pink and turquoise dragon. However, when Raya finds her, Sisu turns into an elderly woman and asks the girl to help her restore her dragon form and rediscover her power. The water dragon Sisu is also special and is not like the dragons from other popular cartoons. In her image, the features of dragons from Asian culture and mythology are easily recognized — with a long flexible body, soft fur over scales, an expressive muzzle, and dexterous clawed paws. They could fly in the clouds without wings and swam perfectly, possessed the rarest treasures and secrets.

Sisu turquoise dragon

A little princess of one of the states devotes her life to the search for the last dragon — Sisu, who, according to legend, could have survived. Only this creature is able to save the remnants of the survivors from the monsters. Raya travels around the country on a Tuk-Tuk-a giant good-natured beast that looks like a hybrid of an armadillo and a woodlouse

little princess of one of the states

Raya and the Last Dragon Toys

The film very quickly won the hearts of its viewers. Disney does not cease to please its viewers and has released many toys with the main characters of the cartoon. If you want to plunge more into the magical world of paradise and the last dragon, then toy cartoon characters are what you need. You can buy them in the official Shop Disney store. Toys of Raya and Sisu cost about $ 20. 

Raya and the Last Dragon Toys

We believe that if you like beautiful graphics and landscapes, you like adventure stories, you like to watch magic, and you want to see an exciting fight against evil, then rather go watch this movie with your friends. 

Interesting Facts about the Film “Raya and the Last Dragon”

  • The main difference between the cartoon and the standard Disney ones is that there is no romantic line at all. From this side, the picture is very close to “Braveheart”, and Raya is the same fearless type of girl, similar to Merida. 
  • To create colorful landscapes, the film crew even made a short trip, exploring the nature of Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines.
  • The cartoon “Raya and the Last Dragon” could be called differently. Even when work on the project did not begin, its future leaders planned to release the “Empire of Dragons”. It is not known why the project name has changed.
  • From the moment of the first sketches until the announcement of the complete completion of work on the animated picture, 4 years have passed. The waiting for the premiere lasts about another year.
  • The dragon, named Sisu, is female. But initially, the creators planned to make the main character a boy. They even came up with two names for him: Qinlong and Bolin. According to the creators, he could play the role of a mentor who has lived for more than 900 years.

We believe that Raya is a great addition to the Disney pantheon of princesses. She is brave, kind, purposeful and fights well. She accidentally gathers a team, and together they learn to trust friends and even enemies.

The film has an original plot with the peculiarities of Asian culture; the main character who owns martial arts; detailed animation. Disney managed to create an exciting animated film that resembles an adventure movie with battle scenes, where there is a place for magic and dragons. Now you know where to watch Raya and the Last Dragon.And if you love beautiful graphics and landscapes, are crazy about adventure stories, are ready to look at magic, and want to see an exciting fight against evil, then call your friends, sit down more comfortably and watch Raya and the Last Dragon together.

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