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Road Trip Games for Kids

road trip activities for kids

Traveling with children can be easy and crazy interesting if you prepare travel activities for kids. You are guaranteed to get Hell on Wheels if you miss this step. You need to think of car activities for kids that do not require much space and involve for a long time. So the road did not turn into agony and passed without whims with the questions “How soon will we come?!

In the car, train, bus, or plane, you can always come up with road trip activities for kids. Each age has its nuances. What is relevant to a child under a year, obviously will not fit a 3-year-old.

If you are interested in road trip activities for toddlers, you can listen to audio stories, you can read a book aloud (if the car does not shake), or you can create your own fairy tales on the road.

Now let’s move on to more specific tips. We present the list of the best road trip games for kids.

Kids Car Entertainment on a Sheet of Paper

road trip games for kids

If there are several players, and you have the opportunity to write and draw, you can remember a variety of games on a sheet of paper:


You will need two pencils of different colors and a piece of paper for the game. The first player draws a line with his pencil, and the other turn this line into something of his own. The sheet can be rotated during the game. You can draw any curve to a funny creature, adding hands, feet, and eyes. Or you can try to guess what it line looks like and add the missing details. Could it be a bird beak or an elephant trunk? It is one of the most creative road trip car games for kids.

Drawing Racing

You draw a trace and set points on the start line on a checkered notebook. Each turn, the car may pass as much as the previous turn or one cell more. The task is to pass through the whole route. The one who could not calculate the trajectory and crashed into the edge starts again. It may seem silly at first glance, but this is one of the most fun road trip games for kids.

Bulls and cows

Each player makes a three-digit number and then tries to guess the number of the opponent. “Bull” – the correct number stands in the right place. “Cow” – the correct figure is not in its place.

For example: if a partner guessed the number 420 and I ask him 462, he answers “one bull and one cow.” He does not indicate which of the numbers is a bull and which is a cow, and I must guess about it myself. In this case, the number “4” is a bull, it stands in the right place, and “2” is a cow because it stands in the wrong place. If I ask 450, then I will be answered by “one bull.” If I asked “965,” I will be answered, “empty.” It means that none of these numbers are in my number.

It is one of the travel activities for kids in the car that are easy to modify. So you can play with four-digit numbers, and with words of four or five letters.

Word games

road trip activities for toddlers

On the road, you can play a variety of verbal games, depending on the age of participants and your preferences.

Do not wear black and white, do not say ‘yes’ and ‘no’

Players have a conversation on a free topic with some restrictions, which are displayed in the name of the game. “Would you like some ice cream?” You can’t say “yes,” you have to come up with some alternative, for example: “Maybe” or “What about you?”

It is one of the most universal fun travel activities for kids. We were happy and played with great pleasure and were ready to do it again and again. Such games make the brain tense in unusual situations when it usually rests.

“I take with me on a journey…”

One player is in charge. He thinks of a rule according to which items are divided into two groups – what he “takes with him on a journey” and everything else.

The rules can vary from very simple ones like “I take all spherical objects” to very tricky ones like “edible, starting with a vowel.” The main player starts the game by giving the right example:

When someone thinks he has guessed the rule, he talks about it and says the rule. If he does not guess, he quits the game. Kids can have several attempts. It is one of the road trip games for tweens who know how to build logical conclusions.


Players agree on which letter they will use to begin words and then give them funny definitions. For example, everyone comes up with words that begin with “B.”


The first player riddles the verb and replaces it with the word “Squanch!” The other players must ask questions and guess the verb. The questions must be complex, the only limitation is always replacing the verb (and derivatives) with “Squanch!”.

For example, if we replace the verb “Eat”:

It road trip games for toddlers came to us thanks to the animated series Rick and Morty, where one of the characters replaced almost any verb with this word.

Triple nonsense

Everyone chooses a letter he likes and tries to come up with a funny phrase of three or more words so that each word starts with the selected letter. It can be car entertainment for toddlers: Ape Ate Apple.

Moving games

road trip games for toddlers

During any stops, try to allow children to move. This rule is true even if you and your children walk. During the hike, you can notice that the children can sit at a halt no longer than a minute. They get tired of walking in a given direction, but quickly switch and instantly recover. So do not sit them down, kids resting in free movement. It would be good to run on a halt or at a stop.

Catch-up games can be called the best travel activities for kids, as they make them stretch, improve blood circulation, and lift team spirit.

Game on the roadshows your communication in everyday life. If you can’t stand each other and are locked in the same car for a few hours, this is a great opportunity to establish relationships. If you communicate well and spend a lot of time together, then a long trip will be an additional reason to have a good time together. Use travel as an opportunity to socialize.

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